About Us

Fortuna Hemp is a family-owned feminized hemp seeds bank based out of Winter Park, Florida. Born of a passion for cannabis and hemp-based products, Fortuna Hemp offers the tools necessary to cultivate CBD hemp nationwide. Indeed, we aim to provide American hemp farmers the resources they need to find a fortune in the American Hemp Industry.

Hemp Farming Industry Support

At Fortuna, we proudly support the hemp farming industry and all the potential it brings to American farmers. As such, we strive to deliver premium hemp seed genetics, strong female seed starts, and expert hemp cultivation advice to American hemp farmers and processors.

We understand the evolving landscape of the American hemp industry. As such, we work hard to ensure that our products remain compliant with hemp laws across the nation. Our COAs come from Botanacor Laboratory, an ISO 17025 accredited lab built for FDA hemp compliance and audits. Therefore, our COAs list all major cannabinoids. To be clear, this includes both real and potential delta 9 THC levels.

Feminized Hemp Seeds and Seed Starts

Our select hemp seeds come in two forms: feminized CBD hemp seeds and female seed starts, or pre-propagated female hemp seedlings. Certainly, we believe this dual offering is a great way to promote a successful growing season regardless of time constraints and environmental conditions

Our premium feminized hemp seeds allow farmers to sew seeds directly in the soil. This method allows taproots to grow strong and firm. Additionally, our seeds have an average germination rate of more than 85 percent. Indeed, Fortuna seeds are among the best in the business. According to Ashley Holliday, a pleased Fortuna customer,

“Best hemp seeds! Best seed bank! Bought 100 cherry blossom hemp seeds and germinated 100/100 successfully! The genetics here are far superior to any other hemp seeds I’ve grown. A+++++++.”

Conversely, our seed starts (grown from the same premium feminized hemp seeds) omit the time and care needed to germinate delicate hemp seeds. First, our in-house team hand plants each seed in organic soil. Next, they propagate them in their carefully calculated light and temperature-controlled environments. When complete, trays of 72 ship directly to the farm. Shipment occurs about four to six weeks after placing an order and arrive at their location ready to plant. This process not only saves time but also improves the density of hemp crops, which, in turn, increases output.

Top Source For Hemp Cultivation Information

The Fortuna team has a profound history in the cannabis and hemp space. Co-founder, Anthony Gualdi, is an expert breeder and founder at Greenpoint Seeds. Thanks to his deep understanding of hemp laws and industry growth projection, Gualdi is poised to offer his long-standing cannabis cultivation expertise to the burgeoning hemp industry. As such, Gualdi is offering a free introductory consultation to our hemp industry clients and affordable, on-demand hemp cultivation consulting services as needed.

Family Owned & Operated US Seed Bank

Fortuna Hemp is a family-owned hemp seed company dedicated to bringing only the finest quality hemp seeds to American hemp farmers. We select all our distributors carefully so that we can offer a variety of reliable, feminized hemp seeds to both personal and commercial growers. In addition to high-quality hemp seeds and seed starts, we also provide education and resources to help ensure potent CBD harvests.

Contact us us to learn more about Fortuna’s hemp seed and consultation service offerings.
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