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Are those hemp seeds really certified?

You may be surprised to learn that many they are not – or at least not in your state. You see, though the federal government legalized hemp production within its borders, each state and tribal territory has the ultimate authority. Whereas hemp seed certification may be valid in one state, the same standards may not necessarily apply in another.

For hemp seeds to qualify for certification, they must meet a particular set of standards. Each state and tribal territory determines exactly what those standards are, which often do not match those of neighboring areas. As such, it is crucial to understand hemp seed requirements in your location, including certification standards, labeling requirements, and more.

Before you buy hemp seeds for your next growing season, ask yourself, “are those hemp seeds really certified?”

State and Tribal Hemp Law Varies

Let’s be clear: hemp is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To become a hemp farmer, you must have a deep understanding of hemp law in your area and abide by strict protocol to maintain hemp farm compliance. This includes procuring the proper licensing, filing all mandatory reports, and attaining seeds from approved sources.

Depending on your area, you may purchase hemp seeds from a national seller, an approved seed vendor, or an officially certified hemp seed source. Moreover, “official” certification varies by location, as well. For example, whereas some states require farmers to attain generally certified hemp seed, others demand that they only buy hemp seeds certified in that state. AOSCA-certified hemp seeds meet the strictest set of standards by proving continuous compliance throughout the entire U.S.

Unfortunately, most hemp seed banks do not meet these standards in all 50 states. Though many claim to provide compliant hemp seeds to anyone in the nation, such is most certainly not the case. To begin, some states disallow hemp farming all-together and therefore ban the sale of hemp seeds in the area. Hemp seed banks who insist that they can sell to anyone either hasn’t done their research or doesn’t care about their consumer. All the more reason to ask, “Are those hemp seeds really certified?”

Hemp Seed Misrepresentation is a Huge Problem

Though hemp farming is proving to be a lucrative endeavor, it is not without its risks. Seed banks that misrepresent their products compound these risks significantly. One such example occurred in 2018 when an Oregon farmer purchased what he thought were female-only, CBD-rich hemp seeds. By the time he realized that they were not all female plants, it was too late. This hemp seed misrepresentation cost the Oregon farmer millions of dollars in damages and a rather sticky lawsuit. A similar situation occurred the following year in Kentucky.

Given the enormous risk involved in hemp farming, it’s no wonder legislatures want to protect farmers from fraudulent hemp seed sales. By understanding this before purchase (are those hemp seeds really certified?), farmers will know that their seed source is a safe bet. Hence, diligent hemp farmers should only buy hemp seeds from distributors who are approved to do so.

Final Thoughts: Are Those Seeds Really Certified?

If you are considering becoming a hemp farmer, congratulations! There is great reward to be had in this industry. However, to be successful, you must know your seed source. The best way to do this is to research approved hemp seed vendors in your area and maintain close contact with their website. The best hemp seed banks should have a strong web presence with ample information to keep you on the path toward hemp farm success.

At Fortuna Hemp, your success is our passion. We are proud members of the hemp farming industry and work hard to serve farmers just like you. We stay in close contact with representatives in each state to ensure that our seeds remain compliant throughout the United States. Moreover, we maintain updated information regarding hemp legislation and provide all the information you need to gain and maintain hemp licensing in your state.

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