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Wild hemp cigarettes are growing in popularity as both an alternative to tobacco and a quick way to reap the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. Furthermore, as public concerns arise concerning the health and safety of both traditional cigarettes and modern e-cigarettes, the appeal of CBD cigarettes is all the more apparent.

So what are wild hemp cigarettes, and are they really worth all the hype? Let’s take a closer look.

Wild Hemp Cigarettes; What They Are and How They Work

As the name suggests, wild hemp cigarettes are cigarettes made from hemp instead of traditional tobacco. Hemp cigarettes contain CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid thought to have incredible therapeutic potential, and negligible amounts of THC, CBD’s psychoactive cousin. Because there is very little THC in hemp cigarettes, consumers will not feel “high,” and because there is no nicotine, consumers will not become addicted. They can enjoy the soothing sensation of a nice long drag without risking dependency.


But perhaps the most significant appeal of wild hemp cigarettes is their CBD content and ease of administration and absorption. You see, one of the most prominent reasons people started smoking tobacco (as opposed to chewing it) is the rate at which lungs absorb nicotine into the bloodstream. The same is true for hemp cigarettes used for administering CBD. CBD enters the bloodstream through the lungs via small air sacks called alveoli.

There are approximately 600 million alveoli in the lungs, each of which resembles a tiny grape gathered together to create a grape (alveoli) cluster. Each alveolus contains capillaries that distribute oxygen — and other chemicals, if present — into the blood. Rather than nicotine, wild hemp cigarettes send CBD and other valuable cannabinoids straight into the bloodstream. From there, CBD hemp cigarettes could have a range of effects.

What is in a Hemp Cigarette?

Savvy hemp cigarette manufacturers understand the health-conscious mindset of their consumers. They know their product offers a healthier alternative to addictive tobacco products. Quality hemp cigarette companies work hard to maintain their all-natural approach to production. That’s why the most promising hemp cigarette companies stay from chemical pesticides and other unsafe product fillers.

Quality wild hemp cigarettes are organic and pesticide-free, and use biodegradable papers and filters free of bleach and other chemicals. In fact, the only substantial components of a hemp CBD cigarette should be hemp and any naturally-occurring compounds therein. This includes flavorful terpenes and flavonoids as well as cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, and CBG.

Note that one potential component of hemp CBD cigarettes is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Remember, hemp can contain up to .3 percent THC (which, when rounding down equals zero). Hence, consumers may ingest trace amounts of the chemical — not enough to feel “high,” but potentially enough to flag a drug screen. Those who face randomized drug tests should use caution when consuming wild hemp cigarettes.


Hemp is perhaps the most versatile plant on the planet. It creates textiles, building materials, and fuel, and offers a therapeutic alternative to tobacco cigarettes and portable vaporizers.

As more states cultivate hemp, more CBD companies will embrace the trend with wild hemp cigarettes.

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