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Best CBD SeedsFinding the best CBD seeds to grow is one of the most important aspects of hemp cultivation. Hemp legalization has opened a vast realm of possibilities for farmers and others interested in CBD products. Importantly, the success of a hemp farm starts with the quality of seeds planted.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Quality CBD Seeds

Genetically Stable

A genetically stable seed will lead to a large harvest of hemp flowers high in CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids. On the other hand, seeds that are not genetically stable can lead to low yields and failure. Farmers must be careful in selecting CBD seeds by ensuring that the US seed bank provides detailed genetic information about their products. For example, they should explain the breeding process, show sample crops growing, and provide test results. Growers should purchase seeds produced from a consistent source for at least several years and grown by other farmers locally in previous seasons. To be clear, finding genetically stable seeds takes the guesswork out of CBD cultivation.


The strain a farmer wants to buy must comply with the regulations laid out in the 2018 Farm Bill. At minimum, it must produce plants that contain less than 0.3 percent THC content. As such, farmers should ask breeders about the seeds’ compliance in field trials. Growers should also continually test their plants to avoid them having high levels of THC. Growers should also consider the legal status of growing CBD hemp in their states.

High Terpene Content

Growers should consider the terpene content of a strain when choosing the best CBD seeds. The terpene profile of a strain attracts customers. Farmers should, therefore, find CBD seeds that will appeal to a variety of buyers.

Good Apical Dominance

A good strain to grow should have vertical growth that surpasses lateral growth and display a Christmas Tree-like structure. Apical dominance means that the plant can hold high volumes of dense flowers without compromising its structural integrity, increasing plant yields.

Ready to Plant

The seeds should be viable and ready to plant immediately upon receipt. Breeders should also provide the seeds’ germination rates. Those who get a late start to the season should consider buying seed starts, or pre-germinated seedlings, to ensure optimal growth within a shorter timeframe.

Best CBD Seeds


Merlot is easy to farm has a short cultivation period. It thrives in many environments and is reliable compliant. Its distinctive aroma of fresh orange peel and cherries comes courtesy of its terpene profile, including bisabolol, caryophyllene, and myrcene, which is popular among consumers. Merlot descends from Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom and produces triangular sparkly buds with amber trichomes and light green leaves.

It germinates after 48 hours, and plants reach maturity in about eight to nine weeks. Growers need to feed it fertilizer and supplements to manifest its full genetic expression. It needs phosphorus fertilizer to maximize potent chemicals but in some cases choosing the ideal soil is enough. The strain flowers between late September and early October, depending on the climate of the region. It has a CBD content of around 9.50 percent and THC of a comfortably low 0.24 percent.

Farmers should grow between 2500 to 3500 Merlot hemp plants per acre for optimal output. Merlot can yield up to 2500 to 3000 pounds per acre of dry plant material. Merlot’s resins maintain their flavor and effects well through various extraction processes. The end product of this strain has relaxing effects and elevates mood.

Berry Blossom

Berry Blossom is a Cherry Kandahar S1 and Chardonnay cross suitable for large scale production. In fact, this strain is a favorite to many growers, thanks to its apical dominance and highly productive output. Notably, it is an ideal choice for new growers and experienced farmers alike. It is resilient to challenging conditions such as harsh weather and strong winds and has a long flowering cycle. The long flowering cycle enables it to develop dense buds that are rich in terpenes.

Berry Blossom is one of the best CBD seeds with a terpene profile that is extremely floral and smothered in exotic overtones of candied raspberries and acai berries. This strain tends to have a consistent market value and is suitable for small-holding farmers and large-scale industrial operators alike.

The Berry Blossom’s germination time is usually around 48 hours and reaches maturity in approximately eight to nine weeks. With an excellent germination rate of 95 percent, farmers can grow between 2000 to 3500 plants per acre to yield an average of 2500 pounds per acre. Berry Blossom works well as both an early finisher and full-term cultivar.

Importantly, as a full-term cultivar, this variety will develop a CBD content of 9.67 percent and THC content of 0.24%. On the other hand, the early finisher will produce about 9.12 percent CBD and 0.26 percent THC. Farmers should regularly test this strain, beginning about three to five weeks after flowering starts to ensure the THC kevels remain low.

The end product has a deeply relaxing effect making it perfect for users looking to relax before bedtime. Some consumers also use it to manage stress and ease epilepsy.


Titan is a result of crossing two types of the Spectrum strain, thus creating an inbred lineage. This strain can thrive in almost any condition as it grows vigorously, thanks to its penchant for producing branches. Consequently, it yields an exceptional amount of biomass that is great for both flower and extraction purposes.

Titan is a resilient plant and can handle any environmental beatings, and can withstand late-season planting. Importantly, Titan is also pest resistant and can do well in climates that are hot, dry, and have unstable temperatures. Moreover, it grows vegetatively for up to six weeks and flowers for about eight weeks. It is great for CBD extraction.

Titan is great for daytime use and helps users to relax and focus. Its terpene profile consists of fruity floral perfumes and spicy undertones.


Farmers looking for the best CBD seeds should consider T2 hemp seeds. This strain has large buds and high CBD content, which can be as high as 16 percent under optimal conditions. T2 came to be by crossing two Trump strains to omit the less favorable characteristics and solidify the best ones.

T2 is ideal for outdoor cultivation because of its durability and resilience to harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it does well in both sandy and clay soil, but farmers should amend the soil for optimal production. Importantly, it withstands drastic temperature fluctuations better than any other strain.

T2 produces a large concentration of sticky trichomes that are perfect for cannabinoid extraction. Its terpene profile consists of woody and fruity flavors, which give users a clear-headed, stimulating experience. It has many medicinal qualities.

This high CBD train takes about eight to ten weeks to reach maturity. The best spacing is 4.5 feet apart or about 2000 plants per acre. Outdoor harvests usually take place around late September to mid-October.

Its buds are large with a dense coating of sticky trichomes that are crystal-like with fiery orange pistils. It is great for concentrates and cannabinoid oils.

Cherry Bubblegum

This CBD strain produces large buds with many resinous trichomes. It comes from backcrossing parent cultivars Spectrum and Spectrum, thus earning it the alternate name, Spectrum IBL (inbred line).

It has a long growing season and high biomass yields. Cherry Bubblegum grows heavy and thick and is resilient to stress. It can grow up to five tall or more and develops a Christmas tree-like shape. The spacing should be at least five feet apart.

Notably, Cherry Bubblegum is a good choice for new growers. It is highly compliant, has reliably low THC content, and performs well across all climates. As it matures, it produces a perfume of cherry and bubblegum. The buds are bright green with bright pink pistils, giving it a beautiful and attractive presentation to buyers and consumers. Harvest time is around late September to early October and is then ready for processing.

Cherry Bubblegum gives the highest results when grown from feminized seeds.  The generous resin content and delectable flavors increase its market value. It is perfect for biomass production and smokable CBD flowers. The sweet terpene profile makes it ideal for smokeable flowers or oil.


Centennial Seeds in Lafayette, Colorado, initially bred BaOx hemp seeds. It has high CBD levels and a quick growing time. The small, multicolored buds produce high yields, making it one of the best CBD seeds farmers can choose because of its consistency and durability.

Notably, BaOx is especially durable and resilient against strong winds and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it has a short bushy stature that is suitable for indoor cultivation. It can do well both in hot and cold weather conditions and different soil compositions. It can, however, develop stress-induced THC, so it is advisable to control the temperature. Growers should test BaOx crops at least three to five weeks before harvesting to maintain low THC levels.

The BaOx terpene profile includes uplifting caryophyllene and sedating myrcene, which gives it a subtle green apple flavor. The rich flavor makes it great for full-spectrum extractions, though its dark green buds are thick with deep red pistils, and sticky, resinous trichomes make it an ideal smokable hemp variety, as well.

BaOx grown indoors produces pungent flowers with pine and musk perfumes. It produces excessive terpene and cannabinoids when they are stress-free. Outdoor-grown BaOx flowers often lack the same odorous perfumes, though the increased yield may make up for it when used for hemp extraction.

It has a dense concentration of CBD, usually around 14 percent, and low THC levels. Growers can harvest this strain indoors about 75 days after germination. Conversely, outdoor plants are ready for harvesting between late September and early October.

Growers should slowly cure the buds in a controlled environment to remove unnecessary chlorophyll and optimal cannabinoid production. The buds are small, which enables them to dry quickly.

Red Bordeaux

One of the best CBD seeds, Red Bordeaux, is suitable for growers seeking to grow early in the season. This strain has an aroma of fresh-cut strawberries and lavender with tantalizing hints of cherry and gasoline.

Red Bordeaux is a cross between Chardonnay and Berry Blossom with seeds that usually germinate after 48 hours and mature at eight to nine weeks. Farmers can grow from 2000 to 3500 plants per acre, yielding between 2500 to 3000 pounds per acre of dry plant material.

This strain has both early finish and full-term cultivars. Early finishers are suitable for areas that have the risk of frost. It is generally easy to farm and is a vigorous grower. It has 8.67 percent CBD content and 0.25 percent CBD content.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine has a strong terpene profile that boasts cherry and floral aromas and rich, skunky notes. Its CBD content is 15 to 22 percent.  Harvest time and climate conditions may lead to varying CBD content. Its buds are large and exceptionally dense.

A cross between Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife, Cherry Wine is one of the best CBD seeds hemp farmers can choose. Bodhi Urban of High Grade Hemp bred Cherry Wine in 2015, gracing it with a terpene profile that produces a complex cherry floral frame layered with pine skunk undertones. It has a strong terpene profile of 1 to 1.9 percent total terpenes.

This strain is resilient, easy to farm, and has a total CBD content of 7.86 percent and THC content of 0.25 percent. It has a germination time of about 48 hours and taproots that begin to form within two to ten days depending on the medium. The germination rate of Chery Wine is 95 to 99 percent, allowing farmers to plant between 2000 to 3500 plants an acre. The ideal germination temperature is 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a maturity date of around eight to nine weeks.

Cherry Wine works well as both an early finisher and a full-term cultivar. It is a bushy plant and maintains a dark green color during its vegetative stage. When grown indoors, it can grow up to five feet tall, whereas outdoor plants can reach 6.5 feet high at their peak.

Cherry Wine’s buds are frosty and lush green with yellow veins and yellow and red pistils. When cured and dried well, it finishes with a sweet diesel-like aroma. This strain’s end product may help calm the body, clear the mind, promote relaxation, and ease muscle pain. Its unique flavors and effects make it very marketable, indeed.

Trophy Wife

This strain matures early and has a terpene profile packed with cheese and skunk notes with subtle cherry hints. It descends from Wife S1 and Cherry Wine and works well as both an early finisher and full-term cultivar. As such, growers should inform their salespeople of their harvesting needs and microclimate information when buying CBD seeds. Its CBD content is around 18 percent. It has a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio.

Trophy wife is a marketable CBD strain because of its strong terpene profile and effects. Ideally, it should grow indoors, but farmers may have great luck producing it outdoors in the right climate. The strain is a short plant, which makes it suitable for indoor growing. It can yield up to 16 ounces per plant and is usually ready to harvest by early October when grown outdoors.

Its bright green buds are dense and small and have near gold pistils and trichomes. The dominant terpenes in this strain are bisabolol, caryophyllene, and myrcene. It eases users into a calm, focused state.


Chardonnay is one of the best CBD strains available today, with a pleasing terpene profile and a calming Indica effect that helps users relax without hindering productivity. The terpene profile produces flavors of strawberry Rhubarb jam and candied raspberries. It is perfect for industrial farmers looking for high CBD yields.

Making to the list of the best CBD seeds, Chardonnay is a cross between Black Rose and Cherry Wine. It is highly resilient and pretty easy to farm. The end products of this strain give a body calm with mental clarity.

The Chardonnay plant reaches maturity after eight to nine weeks. Farmers should always exercise caution when tending their plants and diligently monitor plants for signs of plant stress.


Elektra is a hybrid improvement of ACDC and is one of the most potent CBD seeds available. Breeders crossed ACDC with Early Resin Berry to produce Elektra. The end product of this strain adds energy to the body, eliminates drowsiness, and is excellent for daytime use as it makes users more concentrated and relaxed.

Elektra’s total terpene content is 1.56 percent, with the most abundant terpenes being pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. The total CBD content is often around 15 percent, with compliantly low THC levels of 0.06 percent.

Elektra has long and thick leaves that are green with bright strokes of purple.  Light green and violet pistils grow between the leaves. It has medium-sized buds that are green with sparkling resin-rich trichomes, and the pistils are orange and yellowish. Growers can never go wrong with this strain that blooms early and has strong stalks and fuller flowers. Elektra germinates after 48 hours with a 95 to 99 percent germination rate, and flowers by eight weeks of planting. Notably, Elektra produces exceptionally high yields.


Lifter is undoubtedly one of the best CBD seeds. It is a reliable producer that develops high levels of terpenes and CBD. Its total CBD content is around 15 percent. This strain has dense buds, and the plant grows thick like a bush. It also has very high yields.

Lifter is a cross between Suver Haze and Early Berry Resin. Its terpene profile produces a fragrance of pepper and fruit, thus giving it a smooth smoking experience. The buds are chartreuse and lime in color with hints of sage and mint. Yellow and orange tendrils course through the leaves, creating a beautiful contrast of colors. White trichomes coat the bud with a fuzzy frosting of potency.

Lifter grows best indoors. Importantly, though it isn’t the most difficult strain to cultivate, it is also not the easiest. It requires a lot of fresh air, sunlight, minimal moisture, and humidity. Growers should prune the top leaves to encourage horizontal growth to allow the plant to collect as much natural light as possible.

This high CBD strain will grow up to seven feet tall and flowers after nine weeks of planting. When they are ready for harvest, the leaves will be frosted and pale to light green. It is bred for cannabinoid content and is therefore great for extraction.

Summarizing the Best CBD Seeds

As the research into the medicinal benefits of CBD and the legal market grows, the demand for CBD goes higher. The rising demand requires a steady supply of CBD, and hemp farmers stand to profit from this rise in demand for CBD.

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