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Feminized CBD seeds get a lot of attention from the hemp farming community. It seems everywhere we turn, someone is asking for feminized CBD seeds with high potency and minimal THC.

But feminized CBD seeds tend to be pricier than regular (male and female) hemp seeds. When considering the cost of seed multiplied by the number of seeds per acre of hemp, this increased price point has many wondering if the high price is really worth it.

However, when choosing the best hemp seeds, there is much more to consider than the price of seeds per acre. Today, we’ll discuss the benefit of growing feminized CBD seeds to prove once and for all why the feminized CBD seeds are well worth the cost.

Understanding Feminized CBD Seeds

All varieties of the cannabis plant are dioicous, which means they require both male and female plants to reproduce. In a natural setting, male cannabis plants produce pollen, which then drifts via wind or another carrier in search of a female recipient. Upon pollination, a female begins producing the seeds that will be the next generation of cannabis plants.


When it comes to producing hemp for CBD, pollination is counterproductive. In fact, the only hemp plant CBD farmers should grow is females because they, alone, produce the cannabinoids that the market so passionately demands. Male hemp plants (unless used for breeding) only get in the way. Feminized CBD seeds on the other hand, only produce female plants.

Breeders produce female-only seeds to reduce labor and increase cannabinoid yield. They do this by removing the (Y) chromosome from the plant’s genetic makeup. Essentially, they “trick” female plants — which only contain (X) chromosomes – intro producing their own pollen. Breeders use this female-produced pollen to trigger seed development in other female plants.

Because no (Y) male chromosomes are involved in the feminization process, no (Y) chromosomes will pass to the next generation of seeds. Though extreme conditions may cause stress-induced seed production, feminized seeds should exclusively produce female plants.

CBD Hemp Crops Must Use Female CBD Seeds

Hemp product quality largely depends on its dry weight CBD concentration. This measurement is usually noted as a percentage (how much CBD accounts for the plant’s total dry weight), and each percentage point is called a “point.”

The CBD market often bases its hemp biomass prices on its point value or total CBD content. Each point currently sells for about $2.72 per pound of hemp flower. If an average hemp crop produces about 10 percent CBD, each pound should be worth roughly $27.20 on the open market. With an average pound per plant and approximately 2,500 plants per acre, farmers can expect to sell an acre of CBD hemp for about $68,000 if it contains 10 percent CBD. See why buying feminized CBD seeds might be a good idea?

Though processed material (oil, distillate, etc.) nets a slightly higher return, a hemp product’s ultimate value almost always depends on its final cannabinoid content. Unfortunately, when a male pollinates a female, her cannabinoid production drops. All of her energy now goes toward the development of strong, healthy seeds while her drive to produce cannabinoids like CBD plummets. Even a single male amongst a sea of females can reduce cannabinoid production dramatically, and thus, total potential profit for hemp farmers.

Let’s say, for example, that a farmer plants CBD seeds said to produce plants with a 10 percent CBD potency. If one of those plants is male and happens to pollinate the surrounding females, their projected potency could drop to only 2 or 3 percent. Hence, what might have been a $68,000 per acre crop is now worth only $17,000 – and that’s if the farmer can find biomass buyers for a less-than-ideal product.

Comparing Regular to Feminized CBD Seeds

Feminized CBD seeds average over ten times the price of regular hemp seeds. On the surface, the increased cost may seem a bit extreme. However, considering the value of female versus male plants, the price of feminized CBD seeds is clearly worth it. Not only do feminized seeds reduce the risk of males pollinating females, but they also minimize labor and expedite processing.

When growing CBD hemp, one must remove all males before the plants begin to flower. Though presexing plants can help farmers determine which to use in the garden and which to add to the compost pile, the process is meticulous and time-consuming. Therefore, when comparing female CBD seeds to regular seeds, consider time and labor costs, as well. This, not to mention the cost of labor to de-seed hemp flower before processing.

Additionally, pollinated females produce lesser quality hemp. This fact is concerning given the influx of hemp farmers and, thus, hemp biomass for sale in the U.S. Buyers want high-quality CBD hemp and are in prime position to negotiate the best product for the best prices. Those who cultivate sub-par products from regular seeds instead of feminized CBD seeds may not find buyers. Thus, they’re more likely to find themselves with an unsellable product and the financial burden that accompanies it.

Feminized CBD Seeds Summary

Though there tends to be a bit of sticker shock when comparing the price of regular to feminized CBD seeds, the increased price per seed is well worth it. CBD hemp crops stand to generate a considerable income, but only if grown properly using the best feminized seeds in the U.S.

At Fortuna, we pride ourselves on our premium selection of feminized CBD seeds. We understand the complexities of the hemp industry and want nothing more than to see you succeed using our feminized hemp seeds and consulting services. Contact us to learn how we can help you find a fortune in hemp.

Do you think feminized seeds are worth it? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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