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Tips and Tricks for Germinating Old Hemp Seeds

If you have old hemp seeds that don’t want to germinate, then don’t throw them away just yet, as there are some techniques you can use to get them to germinate. However, it’s important to remember that old seeds are always going to be more challenging to sprout than new ones. So, if you’re planning on planting, it’s always a good idea to get fresh seeds and avoid storing your hemp seeds for extended periods. But if you have some old hemp seeds that you stored and you’re having trouble getting them to germinate, then this article could be just what you need. We’ll provide our top tips for germinating old hemp seeds.

4 Tips and Tricks for Germinating Your Old Hemp Seeds

Pre-Soak with Supplemented Water

As your hemp seeds age, the outer shell of the seeds gets harder, and this can prevent water from getting through. Without any moisture, the embryo inside the seed won’t know that it’s time to sprout. So, the first step you can take to help you get old hemp seeds to germinate is pre-soaking them in carbonated water or water with added supplements. You want the water to be warm. Around 22°C is the perfect temperature. Avoid soaking seeds longer than 24 hours as it could deprive them of oxygen.

Scarification or Scuffing

Scuffing or scarification of the harder outer shell of the hemp seed is another technique that can assist water in passing through the shell. For example, a drum or large container could be set up to scuff the shell of the hemp seeds. You may not think the minor scuff marks would do anything, but you’d be surprised!

Remove the Ridge

The hemp seed shell is made up of two pieces that are connected with a seam that runs around the shell. If this ridge has become hardened, it can make it difficult for the hemp seed to open. You can run a sharp blade along the ridge and remove it, making it easier for the seed to open. However, depending on how many seeds you have, this could be a very time-consuming process.

Slice the Hemp Seed

If you had no other option, slicing the hemp seed could help, but be warned, this usually ruins as many seeds as it saves. When the seed is dry, use a razor to slice carefully along the seam of the seed and then open it slightly.

Things You Need to Remember

  • If you plan on keeping your hemp seeds longer than 1-2 years, correct storage will greatly improve the chance of germination. Place your hemp seeds in an airtight container and store them at temperatures between 6–8°C.
  • Give your seeds a few days to a week to germinate.
  • Plant your hemp seeds as soon as possible to avoid any storage concerns.

Tips and Tricks for Germinating Old Hemp Seeds: Conclusion

Now you’ll have a clear idea about how to germinate old hemp seeds. When those old seeds just don’t want to play the game, now you’ll have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve to get them to sprout.

For best results, we always recommend starting with fresh, high-quality seeds. These seeds will be viable and will grow into healthy, vigorous hemp plants. Shop our collection of feminized CBD hemp seeds and get your grow started off on the right foot. Please contact us for more information about our products and services.

What are your top tips for germinating old hemp seeds? Please share your knowledge in the comment section below.

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