New Hampshire Hemp Seeds

New Hampshire Hemp Seeds

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CBD Hemp Seeds For Growing In New Hampshire

It is currently not legal to grow hemp in New Hampshire. As such, no hemp licenses are available in the state. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp on a federal level, authorizing each state to regulate as they saw fit. Currently, New Hampshire is studying how to develop a hemp program of its own.

NH House Bill 459 requires hemp farmers to get licensed through the United States Department of Agriculture. Visit the USDA website to learn more about their hemp program guidelines

Those working with the University of New Hampshire may, however, apply to grow hemp in NH for research purposes.

Though commercial hemp production is not currently available in NH, state representatives are making big moves hemp licensing to the state. Today we’ll discuss the latest New Hampshire hemp laws and will update the page frequently to help keep our readers in the know.

New Hampshire Hemp Legalization Progress

These hemp-related bills were on the floor for New Hampshire’s 2020 session. You may be able to access audio of each statement as well.

  • HB 1658-FN removes processors and commercial traders from the USDA’s licensing requirements. This begins the process of creating New Hampshire’s own hemp licensing program for these types of businesses.
  • HB 1424 allows treatment facilities to sell and use hemp-derived CBD isolate.
  • SB 669 allows higher education institutions to grow or cultivate industrial hemp with 3rd-party contractors.
  • HB 1581-FN regulates the sale of hemp-derived CBD and requires that all CBD products sold in NH come from NH. Moreover, the Department must register all CBD products for sale. Testing and labeling requirements would fall onto the processor.

Next Steps to Grow Hemp in New Hampshire

You can’t grow hemp just yet, but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless in the process. To start, connecting with an organization like Vote Hemp can keep you updated on what’s happening with hemp legalization and licensing in New Hampshire. Check them out and join.

Since there is a study committee devoted to shaping possible hemp licensing, your next bet is to follow and contact political stakeholders.

Also, Commissioner Shawn Jasper leads the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food. NH’s hemp licensing may end up under this Department, so reach out to Commissioner Jasper for the next steps.

Waiting to Buy New Hampshire Feminized Hemp Seeds

Be prepared for the arrival of a hemp licensing program by exploring our collection of feminized CBD hemp seeds. Growing hemp is a hefty investment, and growing plants with too much THC or male plants can be very costly. When buying New Hampshire CBD hemp seeds, it is essential that you know and trust your seed source.

Feminized hemp seeds are the best options for successful testing. And they’re perfect for growing CBD-dominant plants with a robust terpene profile.

Contact us today for a consultation to prepare you to grow hemp in New Hampshire.

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Trinity is a premium feminized smokable hemp strain that forms large, tasty, CBD-rich buds that will delight any hemp user. Its quick flowering time, large yield, and hardy growth make Trinity an ideal choice for commercial hemp farmers.


BaOX is a popular hemp strain with lineage direct from the Hindu Kush mountain range. As such, this potent strain leans heavily indica, as evident in her growing patterns and heavy dusting of cannabinoid-rich trichomes. BaOX hemp seeds grow to produce massive colas with a kaleidoscope of deep green and purple colors. Her perfume is rich, filled with sweet pine musk and her flavor is reminiscent of incense and herbs.


Grizzly is a potent and aromatic feminized hemp cultivar that reliably produces high-quality smokable hemp flowers. This Sativa-dominant strain is a hybrid of Super CBD and Nightingale.


Titan is a hemp strain with mighty in-bred lineage. Crossing two types of the Spectrum hemp strain leads to a resilient plant that can thrive in almost any condition. Titan hemp seeds are perfect for businesses that earn their keep with extraction. Titan yields an exceptional amount of biomass.

Cherry Bubblegum

Cherry Bubblegum is a versatile CBD hemp strain that produces large, flavorful buds and a substantial amount of resinous trichomes. Thick colas develop throughout its long growing season, thus significantly increasing the biomass of a single harvest. Those who plant seeds early in the season will reap tremendous rewards come harvest in late September to early October.


Merlot hemp flower is a beautiful, indica-dominant strain with moderately high CBD levels averaging at about 11 percent. Known for its smooth smoke and distinct fruity, alcohol flavor, Merlot is a popular choice among consumers who want a relaxing nightcap without any calories.

Berry Blossom

Berry Blossom is an easy-to-grow hemp variety with boutique-style qualities. It produces thick, terpene-rich flowers throughout its extended grow period. The bright green and pink colas radiate with a powerful perfume of fruit and berries.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is a careful cross between The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. It is a particularly sweet strain with abundant growth and resin development. It’s CBD content ranges from 15 to 20 percent and its THC levels average about .25 percent.