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Low THC seeds are still an excellent source of CBD. In fact, contrary to popular belief, female hemp seeds can still produce copious amounts of CBD, much like their marijuana cousins. The only difference – and it’s a big one – is the legal status of CBD depending on the plant type from which it comes.

According to the most recent Farm Bill, CBD from hemp is now federally legal and eligible for international sales, whereas CBD from marijuana is not. Even if CBD is isolated, if it came from a plant that once contained more than .3 percent THC, it is illegal in much of the nation, and thus, also illegal for interstate transport.

This Farm Bill amendment has created a massive boom in the CBD market. No longer is cannabidiol reserved for people living in cannabis-friendly states or those willing to consume poorly regulated CBD imports. Now, farmers nationwide can grow CBD hemp from low THC seeds without compromising their final cannabidiol output. In doing, farmers can help stimulate their local economies by cultivating the valuable crop to sell throughout the nation.

Why Finding Quality Low THC Seeds is So Important

Low THC seeds are, perhaps, the most essential purchase when it comes to CBD development. Without low THC seeds, the plant could become non-compliant come harvest time, forcing farmers to destroy a  whole season’s worth of time and effort. If pre-harvest testing shows that the top colas, or flowers, of a plant, contain more than the permissible .3 percent THC level, the CBD crop is no longer considered “hemp.” Instead, plants with more than .3 percent THC are considered “marijuana” and, therefore, illegal.

If this seems like a subtle distinction, you’re right. .3 percent is a minimal amount of THC; plants can slip past that threshold rather quickly, especially if exposed to extreme environmental conditions or other stressors. Using low THC seeds dramatically reduces the likelihood of a THC spike resulting in non-compliance. Hence, low THC hemp seeds are often the key to growing and maintaining compliant, sellable hemp crops.

How to Buy Low THC Seeds With High CBD

Finding low THC seeds is the first step toward growing a compliant hemp crop. However, it is not as simple as Googling the phrase “low THC seeds”. For CBD hemp production, there are many other considerations to take into account, beginning with the sex of the seeds themselves. Yes, sex matters when it comes to hemp CBD cultivation because only female hemp plants produce tangible CBD levels. Therefore, in addition to finding low THC seeds, one must also ensure that those seeds produce only female plants.

The only way to be sure that hemp seeds will produce female flowers is to purchase feminized hemp seeds from a reputable distributor. Feminized hemp seeds are those specially produced from female plants without the help of male pollinators. The fact that hemp can produce offspring sans male is proof of her resilience and a massive benefit to CBD farmers everywhere.

Hemp seed breeders produce female-only seeds by stressing female plants into producing pollen. When a female produces pollen, she only produces pollen containing XX chromosomes. When breeders apply that “XX” pollen to other female plants, they will only produce seeds that contain X chromosomes – no “Y”s and thus no males. Pretty slick, eh?

As mentioned, we recommend using only female seeds from reputable distributors. The second part of this statement is crucial because many online seed banks lack the reputation necessary for a confident grow. Unfortunately, there are times when reputation may elude a purchase. Those who purchase from a less-than-reputable distributor may find their crops littered with males and insufficient resources to remove them. If this happens, the crop’s total cannabidiol content will drop significantly, as will its profit margin.

Best Low THC Seeds for a CBD Hemp Farm

After finding a distributor with whom you can be confident, you must determine which seeds to purchase. Hemp plant phenotypes vary greatly depending on the seed purchased. Farmers must account for this when choosing where to buy low THC seeds. For example, those who will grow CBD hemp for extraction should opt for seeds that produce high levels of resin, or sticky, mushroom-like trichomes. At Fortuna, we recommend Super Rich I for high resin hemp plant cultivation.

Conversely, those who plan to sell their harvest as a smokable flower product should also consider the plant’s terpene profile, or rather, the expected flavors and perfumes the plant will produce. Terpenes play a vital role in the plant’s overall effects. Additionally, they also help determine which hemp flower the public is most likely to purchase. A popular, terpene-rich option at Fortuna is our Cherry Blossom strain, which is especially popular thanks to its sweet, musky flavor and balanced effects.

Final Thoughts Regarding Low THC Hemp Seeds

CBD is CBD is CBD. Where that CBD comes from does not matter to the body consuming it. The source of CBD does, however, matter when it comes to its legality. Specifically, CBD sourced from hemp is now federally legal, whereas CBD that comes from “marijuana,” or the psychoactive form of cannabis, is not.

If you’re thinking about starting a CBD hemp farm, we strongly recommend using only feminized, low THC hemp seeds. Contact us to learn more about our selection of feminized hemp seeds.

What’s your favorite low THC hemp seed?

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