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Socati C2 is an autoflowering CBD hemp strain from Boring Hemp Company. This fast-growing auto strain boasts beauty and potency in a fraction of the time. As an autoflowering hemp strain, this new hemp strain is perfect for those in higher altitudes and northern latitudes. Just one season growing Socati C2 and you’ll see why this Cherry Wine cross is such a favorite among those in less-than-favorable environments.

Socati C2 Female Hemp Seeds Strain Pack - Boring Hemp Co
Socati C2 Female Hemp Seeds Strain Pack – Boring Hemp Co

Socati C2 Lineage: Cherry Wine X Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine has become a household name among hemp farmers nationwide. As such, it is no surprise that her direct offspring, Socati C2, is so popular, as well. Indeed, she is the perfect backcross thanks to her predictability and hardiness as an autoflowering hemp plant. Her expected Christmas Tree shape produces beautiful kaleidoscope-green buds that come stuffed with fiery-orange pistils and a generous dusting of crystal-like trichomes.

Cherry Wine produces a powerful perfume of cherry and cheese, with a hint of pine and pepper to the discerning connoisseur. With high concentrations of terpenes like myrcene, limonene, linalool, and b-caryophyllene, it’s easy to understand why consumers keep asking for this popular strain by name.

Socati C2 Feminized Hemp Seeds Strain - Boring Hemp Co. - Fortuna Hemp
Socati C2 Feminized Hemp Seeds -Boring Hemp Co

Socati C2 Strain Grow Patterns

As an autoflower strain, Socati C2 will automatically transition into flowering about 30 days after germination and will reach maturity in about 90 days or less. There is no need to adjust light schedules or plan around different outdoor photoperiods; Socati C2 will flower on her own when she is ready.

Socati C2 doesn’t need much space to grow, reaching only two to three feet tall on average.  However, a smaller size does not mean a smaller potential. With an average potency between 7 and 11 percent CBD, Socati C2 produces substantial cannabinoids with minimal effort.

Socati C2 is a durable strain that makes it ideal for those growing in more extreme or variable environments. However, thanks to the speed at which she produces, Socati C2 is also great for her rotating harvest potential. By staggering germination, growers can also stagger harvest to maintain a steady supply of perfectly cured hemp flower.

3000 Socati T2s Drudging Through NYs Cold Weather. T-minus 2 weeks until planting.
3000 Socati T2s Drudging Through NYs Cold Weather. T-minus 2 weeks until planting.

Uses and Applications

Socati C2 is the perfect strain for both the therapeutic user and the recreational consumer. With moderate CBD levels and no tangible THC, this hemp strain helps tame pain and anxiety without any discernible psychological effects. Put simply, this strain is a great way to relax the day away, much like a sweet glass of cherry wine.

With less than 10 percent CBD on average, Socati C2 offers the perfect balance of cannabinoids for beginner and intermediate consumers. As not to deflect from her breathtaking appearance, this strain is best consumed as a smokable flower, though its wide terpene profile makes an excellent candidate for extraction, as well.

Final Thoughts on Socati C2 Hemp Seeds

Socati C2 comes from feminized autoflowering hemp seeds born of Cherry Wine genetics. As such, she is a favorite among growers with limited space, time, or environmental control. Expect Socati to rank among the best feminized autoflowering hemp seeds in a very short time.

Are you ready to get growing? Contact us to learn more about our selection of feminized hemp seeds and expert consultation services.

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