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Super Rich Pollen is a prize specimen when it comes to breeding new hemp strains. Super Rich produces reliable offspring with many of its most valued traits. Hailing from a high CBD genetic line, Super Rich pollen contributes terrific potency to his lineage and, thus, makes a wonderful addition to our CBD hemp seed genetics. Let’s explain.

Cannabis Seed Breeding 101: Selecting a Male

Anyone with both male and female cannabis plants can create seeds by growing the two side-by-side. Selecting the perfect male for cannabis seed breeding is another story altogether. Choosing which male cannabis plant to use in breeding requires patience, diligence, and extreme attention to detail. The process requires months of breeding, growing, testing, and analyzing to find the best possible specimen to use in hemp seed breeding. Super Rich pollen is one of the best.

Hemp Breeding - Male & Female Hemp Plants
Hemp Breeding – Male & Female Hemp Plants

The first step to finding the ideal male for hemp seed breeding is to consider which females possess the characteristics the breeder wishes to reproduce. Growing male seeds from a favorite female should result in similar features for his offspring, though not necessarily for himself. To be clear, males only produce visual clues regarding their genetics; females from the same genetic line produce the flowers and consequent physiological effects.

Hemp Breeders

Breeders grow male plants from a chosen genetic line then collect the pollen (like Super Rich pollen) to use with stable females. Then they carefully cultivate the resulting seeds, harvest and cure the plants, and then test and record their results. After countless grow cycles and testing periods, breeders select their favorite and most stable genetics to use in future – often commercial – cannabis breeding endeavors.

Though the process is extremely precise and time-consuming, the results are premium hemp strains thoroughly tested for durability and consistency. This is by no means a haphazard operation! Indeed, the best cannabis genetics come from dedicated breeders and meticulous record-keeping practices.

Why Breed with Super Rich Pollen

Super Rich Hemp Pollen - Fortuna Hemp
Super Rich Hemp Pollen – Fortuna Hemp

Selecting Super Rich pollen was a lengthy process involving 11 different phenotypes. We chose this particular variety for its reliable production of enormous colas and incredibly high CBD levels. Field-tested in five states plus Canada, Super Rich 1 continually develops CBD levels above 20 percent and THC levels below hemp thresholds.

Super Rich is a high CBD hemp strain created by mixing parents Suzy Q and Richness. As such, the characteristics of both parents are detectable in Super Rich crosses. For example, Suzy Q is a popular high CBD strain that regularly tests 50:1 CBD to THC. She also produces a flavorful mix of terpenes, including limonene, pinene, and myrcene, which readily pass down her genetic line.

Richness is another popular CBD strain selected for her stability, high yields, and copious resin production. People often consume Richness to relieve pain, stimulate appetite, and promote a good night’s sleep. It’s no wonder, of course, considering her flavorful terpene content and potent cannabinoid profile.

When these two powerful CBD strains intermingle, they create Super Rich, a hemp strain that produces durable plants and high yields. The careful selection of this Super Rich phenotype has proven sturdier than its ancestors. It lends this quality to its offspring, making Super Rich pollen a favorite among breeders who seek stability, potency, and high yields.

Super Rich Pollen Facts

Super Rich pollen combines with some of today’s best female hemp genetics to produce sturdy, predictable new cannabis strains. With more than ten years of experience breeding hemp seeds, we’ve learned which characteristics to select for (and which to omit) and work hard to develop the very best and most resilient strains for our cannabis and hemp seed customers. We use Super Rich pollen to produce high CBD hemp seeds that can withstand harsh climates without compromising cannabinoid and terpene quality.

Contact us to learn more about Super Rich pollen or any of our premium feminized CBD hemp seeds.

Happy growing!

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    How do I get this pollen?

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