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T2 hemp seeds are famous for producing high CBD content and massive flowers. Tests consistently clock T2 at more than 11 percent CBD content and as high as 16 percent under optimal growing conditions. This hardy strain is ideal for outdoor hemp cultivation facilities across the nation thanks to its durability and resilience to harsh weather conditions. Even the mere presence of T2 in a CBD hemp strain is proof of a sturdy crop to come.

T2 Hemp Seeds Lineage: Trump X Trump


T2 hemp seeds are produced by crossing a Trump strain with another Trump strain, which helps solidify its best characteristics while omitting the less favorable ones. As such, T2 produces a copious amount of sticky trichomes perfect for cannabinoid extraction. Its flavor profile, which consists of both woody and fruity terpenes, lends itself to a clear-headed, stimulating experience, and its high cannabinoid content contributes to its wide range of therapeutic uses.

T2 Grow Patterns

T2 hemp seeds were first developed in Northern Oregon by the Boring Hemp Company. As an outdoor hemp crop, T2 has proven its superior strength and resilience in various climates. It fares well in both sandy and clay soil (though we strongly recommend amending the soil accordingly for optimal production), and can easily handle a range of temperatures from the low 50s to the high 90s. T2 can also withstand drastic temperature changes better than many other hemp varieties, which is especially beneficial for this Oregon-born strain.

From seed to harvest, T2 takes about eight to ten weeks to reach maturity. Plants grow best when spaced about 4.5 feet apart or roughly 2000 plants per acre. Harvest season for outdoor T2 hemp seeds crops usually happens between late September and mid-October, and always before the first hard frost of the season.

Uses and Applications of T2 Hemp Seeds


Feminized hemp strain, T2, is an attractive commodity in both flower and concentrate form thanks to its large flowers and dense coating of sticky trichomes. As a carefully cured hemp “bud,” it is large and dense, and generously coated with crystal-like trichomes and fiery orange pistils or “hairs.”

However, T2 is also a great candidate for concentrates and cannabinoid oils. Both dusty sugar leaves and cured hemp flower are great extraction sources. However, the sticky, oily trichomes on T2 hemp strains may require a solvent like CO2 for the most thorough extraction.

But perhaps the most significant advantage of T2 hemp seeds are their consistency throughout generations. Time and time again, T2 produces stable, hearty hemp plants in a variety of growing conditions. It is a superior hemp strain in and of itself and an even more reliable hemp parent. As such, T2 is a favorite genetic cross among breeders.

Final Thoughts

T2 is an excellent CBD hemp strain all around. As experienced hemp seed breeders, we’ve witnessed first-hand just how powerful the T2 hemp seeds genetic line really is. Whether cultivated for its high resin production or selected for its strong genetics, T2 always delivers above and beyond expectations.

Are you ready to try feminized T2 hemp seeds? Contact us today to place your order.


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    March 25, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    Your welcome!

  2. Claudio Cruz
    April 22, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Hello my name is Claudio Cruz,.
    We are a fairly new company located in South Florida. We have been purchasing your CBD seeds. The quality of the seeds is top-notch. We appreciate the quality of your business. We are also looking into purchasing clones. Do you offer that?

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      Please contact customer support for more information.

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