Industrial hemp cultivation and the production of hemp-based products have a long, tumulus legal history in the U.S. But CBD has been federally legal since the most recent passing of the Farm Bill in 2018. This created the right opportunity for farmers planning to increase their income without expanding their agricultural land. Just think about it; CBD comes from hemp plant flowers only, and the best way to increase revenue is by growing feminized hemp seeds only.

Why Choose Feminized Seeds for Industrial Hemp?

An essential step in hemp farming is choosing the seeds with good genetic properties for planting and growing. A farmer’s choices will determine the quality and amount of cannabinoids they produce. Moreover, one’s choice of hemp seeds will also determine the plant’s resiliency to withstand varied weather conditions, particularly the unfavorable ones.

Naturally, there are male and female hemp plants. A considerably higher quantity of cannabinoids develops in the female plant compared to males. The male hemp plant produces pollen that facilitates the fertilization of the female hemp plant flowers. Plants that grow from these seeds are likely to produce an equal number of female and male plants. This isn’t bad if the plants are grown to produce fiber or grain, but it can be detrimental to CBD hemp farmers.

To be clear, only female hemp plants can produce a high quality — and quantity — of cannabinoids. If the male hemp pollen fertilizes the flowers, the female plants will slow their cannabinoid development significantly. As such, most seasoned cannabinoid hemp farmers recommend that CBD farmers only grow feminized seeds or female-only seed starts.

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