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The Grand is a Trump X Trump back-cross that earned its name thanks to its grand appeal both aesthetically and therapeutically. As the name suggests, even a brief encounter with The Grand will leave users in awe, much like the Grand Canyon itself. Like the Grand Canyon, its array of vivid colors coupled with a copious amount of light-catching crystals leave most who encounter it breathless and eager for more.

The Grand Seeds Lineage: Trump X Trump

As a notorious Trump back-cross, The Grand delivers incredible cannabinoid concentrations. With regular CBD levels reaching between 10 and 16 percent under optimal growing conditions, The Grand is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Indeed, her thick trichome content makes her ideal for both smokable flower production and cannabinoid extraction.

Trump Strain
Trump Strain

The Grand wreaks of natural terpenes that provide the flavors of wood, earth, and fresh fruit. Combining the uplifting effects of fruity terpenes with the sedative effects of earthy terpenes, The Grand creates an experience that is both relaxing and invigorating, while providing the clear-headed pain relief that many people seek.

The Grand Strain Grow Patterns

Boring Hemp Company first developed the Grand as an outdoor CBD hemp crop. Earning its spurs in variable Oregon climate, this strain is exceptionally durable in fluctuating weather conditions and can withstand THC spikes better than many.

The Grand thrives in many different soil types, from clay to sand and everything in between. However, she grows best in fertile, well-aerated loam soil. We recommend amending the soil with plenty of organic matter like compost and fish emulsions and establishing an irrigation system that will neither drowned the plants nor allow them to dry completely. Shield plants from extreme heat (over 90 degrees) using tarps or other protective barriers, if necessary, to help prevent hemp crop THC spikes.

When grown outdoors, expect to harvest The Grand between late September and mid-October. Harvest indoor crops within about eight to ten weeks after popping the first bean in fertile soil. Finished plants reach about 4.5 feet in height and yield around one-quarter to one-half pound of dry flower per plant. However, much of its final weight depends on various cultivation techniques, as well as genetics.

Uses and Applications of The Grand Hemp Seeds

The Grand is a favorite among hemp farmers thanks to her huge colas and a thick coating of sticky trichomes. As such, many growers cultivate her to sell as a smokable flower or for cannabinoid extraction purposes.

Her inviting terpene profile is both calming and invigorating, lending itself to predictable stress-free pain relief. This hemp strain is ideal for anyone suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, or anxiety issues.

Final Thoughts

The Grand is especially popular thanks to its reliability, resilience to stress, and a wide range of therapeutic applications. It’s flavorful terpene profile, and large colas make it attractive to smokable hemp consumers. Likewise, its resinous flowers make it especially attractive to extractors and CBD product manufacturers.

Contact us to learn more about The Grand or our other feminized hemp seeds. We’re continually updating our inventory, so check back often for the best deals on CBD hemp seeds in America.

Have you tried The Grans? We’d love to learn about your experience.

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