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Feminized hemp seeds grow into plants. Plants, like all living things, must reproduce. They do this either asexually (single-celled organisms) or sexually (those that require both male and female genetics to produce offspring). Hemp CBD represents the latter.

New generations of hemp are born from the fertilized seeds of their parents. Generally, these seeds have a 50 percent chance of growing into a male plant and a 50 percent chance of turning out female. The thing is, male plants don’t produce the high volume of therapeutic compounds like CBD that their sisters do. In fact, the highest concentrations of cannabinoids come from the female hemp flower. Moreover, the highest levels of CBD come from unfertilized female hemp CBD flowers – once fertilized, females lose much of their potential potency. And, because a male can fertilize thousands of females, letting the girls hang with the boys is not recommended.

Now, thanks to advanced seed-breeding techniques, there is no need for growers to cultivate male plants only to toss them later. Instead, they can buy quality feminized hemp seeds from a reputable hemp seed distributor to save time and money and witness a significant return on their hemp seed investment.

Feminized Seeds Explained

If it were up to Mother Nature, every seed would have an equal opportunity to become either male or female. However, thanks to advances in cannabis seed production, breeders can now manipulate mature female plants into producing seeds without any males at all. The seeds produced through this process contain no male chromosomes and therefore produce no male plants.

The practice of creating female-only seeds is called masculinization. This process uses specialized solutions of colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate to stress the female into producing seeds. Note that after treating plants with either of these solutions, the plants, themselves, are no longer fit for consumption.

Why Use Feminized Hemp Seeds

Commercial hemp cultivation is a considerable investment. In addition to the cost of tools, supplies, and labor, farmers must also purchase the seeds to get the whole thing going. It would be a shame after such an investment to either toss half the crop or risk reduced product quality. However, by growing only feminized hemp seeds, farmers can:

  • Save money on lost plants (and lost potency)
  • Use space more efficiently by only cultivating the plants they want
  • Reduce labor by omitting the de-seeding process
  • Maintain full control of the plants’ genotype
  • Improve over-all value to benefit themselves, their distributors, and their stakeholders

When it comes to hemp plants, gender is definitely not equal. In fact, the most successful hemp CBD farms take special care to cultivate only the finest female hemp plants. They do this by purchasing quality feminized hemp seeds such as those offered by Fortuna Hemp.

Our seeds come from only the best hemp genetics and regularly test well below the minimum .3 percent THC threshold. We are passionate about hemp CBD and proud of the community of which we are part.

To learn more about our quality feminized hemp seeds or to place an order with one of our hemp seed specialists, contact us today.

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