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Heavy metals in your hemp is danger-posing to consumers. Indeed, hemp growers clearly know that their products should be free from contaminants to ensure quality and safety. Thus it’s important to know every hidden danger of unnecessary elements. Certainly, having heavy metals in your hemp is one of them.

How Heavy Metals Get Into Hemp

Heavy metals include cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic. They are metallic elements with relatively high density that occur naturally in the earth. Importantly, heavy metals are readily found in hemp soil. For example, human activities like mining and industrial agriculture may cause pollution, leading to a high concentration of heavy metals in the surrounding soils.

Essentially, when you cultivate consumable crops like vegetables, fruits, or hemp in soils laden with heavy metals, contamination will eventually occur. Plus, inorganic fertilizers, contaminated water, and low-grade pesticides are possible culprits of heavy metals in your hemp soil.

Simply put, hemp is a bioaccumulation, which means it’s good at absorbing compounds from the soil and groundwater. Examples of contaminants include heavy metals, radioactive elements, pesticides, explosives, fuel, and so on. Consequently, many farmers use it for phytoremediation, or absorption of toxic contaminants from soil and groundwater. Notably, hemp ensures phytoremediation in three different ways: phytoaccumulation, phytovolatilization, and phytodegradation.

Even though hemp bioaccumulation is beneficial to farmers, it’s danger-posing to producers and consumers in the hemp industry. Importantly, hemp products filled with heavy metals and other disastrous compounds can cause various diseases, including headaches, organ failure, and cancer.

How to Prevent Heavy Metals in Your Hemp

Preventing toxic contaminants in hemp starts with choosing healthy land, planting the right hemp seeds, and following the industry standards. As such, it is crucial to research land and test soil. Essentially, soil tests should include testing for nutrient balance, PH levels, and soil composition like fertilizers and water.

Moreover, verifying that heavy metals weren’t there in your CBD hemp products from the start is also a better way to enhance prevention. Importantly, only buy premium CBD hemp seeds from companies with thoroughly vetted supply chains and strict quality control. For example, you can ensure CBD hemp seeds are free from heavy metals by asking for essential information like:

  • Certificate of origin from the supplier to make sure the hemp was grown in the US soils. Plus, valid documentation that complies with Good Agricultural Practices.
  • Food Safety Plan (FSP) to confirm the supplier takes proper preventative controls or are FDA-compliant.
  • What pesticides or fungicides they use.
  • Whether the hemp was grown domestically.
  • How they specifically harvest their hemp.

A legit US help seed bank like Fortuna Hemp should provide proof without hesitation. As such, how to prevent heavy metals in your hemp is about performing research and adjusting every practice based on acquired knowledge.

Key Takeaways

We believe that the accessibility of our top-tier CBD hemp seeds equals transparency. Fortunately, our feminized hemp seedshave all documentation necessary to prove their legality, purity, and potency. Contact us today for more information.

Are you planning to start CBD hemp cultivation? Let us know about it in the comments!

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