Executive Team


Allison Gualdi


Allison Gualdi made her way into the cannabis space in 2014 following the passing of Amendment 64. Beginning as a manager for Maggie’s Farm dispensaries, Allison became an expert at navigating the ever-changing cannabis legislation landscape. She maintained regulatory compliance of the dispensary’s 42 licenses through the establishment and implementation of all critical operating procedures. Now, with over five years of cannabis licensing and compliance experience, Allison has proven her ability to integrate best practices into her tightly-regulated cannabis business. Allison plans to use this experience to deliver top-quality, fully-compliant feminized hemp seeds to the newly regulated hemp CBD industry.


Anthony Gualdi


Founder of a globally-renowned cannabis seed retailer, Anthony managed to turn his passion for cannabis breeding into a lucrative business. Pulling from years of experience as a cannabis seed breeder, he transformed his small seed business into a multi-million-dollar cannabis seed company in just a few short years. He hopes to use this same business acumen at Fortuna by turning his focus to feminized hemp seeds – an especially valuable commodity following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Thanks to his long experience as a seed breeder coupled with a close network of industry peers, Anthony is uniquely positioned to dominate the hemp seeds market at Fortuna Hemp.

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