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Hemp Planting Techniques

There are benefits to planting tight and planting loose in approximation to other plants. Whether your objective is, production and yield or developing a craft brand, planting location can make all the difference in how efficiently you produce high yields.

Planting Hemp Tight

The main benefit of planting tight is production. Planting hemp seeds properly will not only guarantee the best use of space, but it will also allow you to have more plants per acre, in case you need to cull males, thus allowing for minimal loss overall. If you are planting in rows, proper spacing is essential to enable your plants to have enough room to grow and fill in. At the same time, too much space can add up to missed production numbers. Depending on the variety you’re growing, hemp plant spacing can be anywhere from 24-72 inches apart on center. But every environment is also slightly different. Humid regions of the Midwest can likely incur more issues such as mold when planting tighter than those farming in dry desert regions.

Planting Hemp Loosely

Planting hemp loosely spaced out will allow maximum airflow and light for optimal growth and health. Proper airflow between plants is a crucial factor in lowering chances for different types of mold to form. Airflow is critical not only in helping prevent mold and diseases but also in strengthening the branches of the plants. Wind will help the plants grow healthy and vigorous. When plants are spaced loose, it’s much easier to identify male plants that need to be culled and also makes it much easier to inspect plants for pests. If you have concerns about planting too loose, remember that it is often better than planting too tightly and overcrowding your crop.

Most Importantly

Whichever technique you decide to utilize when planting hemp, make sure you write down the spacing measurements in a journal so you can make adjustments for the next cycle. Different genetics most often will need different spacing requirements. As you add new genetics for testing, remember always to keep good records. Create your own type of precision seeding and make sure it works for you.

If you don’t want the burden of having to worry about wasted space on your farm, you can always choose to buy feminized hemp seeds.

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