Feminized CBD hemp seeds are perhaps the most important purchase a CBD hemp farmer can make. Buying feminized CBD hemp seeds ensures that every inch of farmland will produce high concentrations of valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. Furthermore, feminized CBD seeds help protect fruit-bearing hemp plants from potential pollination and thus a decreased cannabinoid output. Unless growing for fiber or grain, feminized CBD hemp seeds are a must for any hemp farmer.


Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds

Should You Buy Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds?

There are many types of hemp farming, and the goals of each differ, as well. For example, while some hemp farmers focus on fiber production, others may concentrate on seed or grain production. Though there is undoubtedly a market for both of these hemp product types, the real money-maker is in CBD hemp. According to a recent survey by Hemp Benchmarks, CBD hemp is worth an average of $1.77 per pound per CBD percentage point, depending on the quality and quantity sold.

Because only female hemp plants produce CBD, and because pollinated female hemp plants produce more seeds than cannabinoids, buying feminized CBD seeds is an essential way to ensure a CBD hemp crop produces the kind of quality CBD products that buyers demand.

Benefits of Buying Female CBD Seeds


Here are a few of the most common reasons feminized CBD hemp seeds are so crucial for cannabinoid hemp farmers.

  • Increased Output: Feminized CBD hemp seeds ensure that your hemp plants will expend their energy-producing bountiful CBD buds instead of seeds. Feminized CBD hemp seeds improve the weight of your sellable biomass and increase cannabinoid production. The increased cannabinoid production also contributes to more substantial quantities of CBD oil extraction and, thus, more product options to sell.
  • High-Quality Product: There is stiff competition on the CBD hemp market. If you want to sell your biomass quickly, you have to offer a product that exceeds buyer expectations. Buyers do not want a sub-par product and will refuse them if they do not meet their standards. Feminized CBD hemp seeds produce the high-quality cannabinoid hemp that the market demands. Valuable cannabinoids you might expect from your feminized CBD hemp crop include CBD, CBN, CBG, and more!
  • Tremendous ROI: If a pound of CBD hemp is worth $1.77 per percentage point of cannabidiol and an average pound contains 10 percent CBD, then one acre of CBD hemp could net almost $30,000 in the current market. This estimate is in massive contrast to the average $300-$500 per acre of seed or fiber crops. When hemp is produced specifically for its CBD production, farmers stand to earn a significant ROI on their hemp farm investment.

Purchase Premium Feminized CBD Seeds

Feminized CBD hemp seeds are vital to a successful cannabinoid hemp farm. Those who plan to grow hemp for CBD must consider the potential profit they stand to earn against the cost of feminized CBD hemp seeds. More often than not, those who are willing to invest in CBD hemp farming will reap a much greater reward when they purchase feminized CBD hemp seeds from a reputable distributor.

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