High CBD hemp seeds are of great value to the American hemp farmer. Hemp seeds that are high in CBD produce a more valuable crop and a much broader marketplace. As such, growing high CBD hemp seeds ensures that hemp farmers can sell their biomass quickly and at top market value.

Before we explain why high CBD hemp seeds are so important, let’s take a closer look at what makes them so valuable.

A Closer Look at High CBD Hemp Seeds

High CBD hemp seeds are select hemp seed varieties bred to produce significant CBD levels without much THC (less than .3 percent, to be exact). High CBD seeds still produce many valuable cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC).

Cannabinoids develop alongside terpenes within the tiny, mushroom-shaped trichomes that coat the surface of hemp flowers or buds. The more resinous trichomes the plant produces, the more cannabinoids and terpenes processors can extract. Hence, hemp seeds explicitly bred for cannabinoid and terpene production (i.e., trichome production) provide the best value to CBD hemp farmers everywhere.

Note that only female hemp plants produce flowers. High CBD hemp seeds are not male hemp seeds – they are seeds produced exclusively from female genetics. Farmers who wish to gain the most profit from their hemp farm should ensure they only purchase feminized CBD hemp seeds and only from a distributor they trust.

Understanding the Value of Quality CBD Hemp Seeds

High CBD hemp seeds are more than seeds born of parents that produce CBD. Quality CBD seeds are specially bred not only to produce high CBD concentrations but also bred to produce only female seeds. This second detail is of extreme importance when it comes to hemp crop profitability.

Only female cannabis plants produce flowers. What’s more, females are the only ones that produce seeds. Male cannabis plants produce pollen which moves via wind or pollinator to stimulate cannabis seed production in female plants. If a male does not pollinate a female cannabis plant, she will produce beautiful, trichome-rich flowers without a seed in sight. In the marijuana world, we call these seedless flowers, “sensimilla.” In the hemp industry, we call this top-quality product.

However, to grow premium high CBD hemp seeds, omitting male hemp plants is imperative. A single male can pollinate thousands of female hemp plants within miles. Should that happen, the female plants will cease to produce attractive cannabinoid levels. Instead, they will spend their energy producing seeds. The CBD crop may suddenly turn a grain crop for a significantly lower hemp crop ROI.

Buy High CBD Hemps Seeds from a Brand You Trust

When searching for quality CBD hemp seeds, its essential to consider the source, not just the Certificate of Analysis. COAs display information based on sample data, including germination rate, cannabinoid levels, and potential toxins. They do not list the ratio of female to male plants in a given batch.

To ensure you’re buying quality high CBD hemp seeds, ensure that the distributor is reputable and reliable. Companies with a proven track record of success – especially those with a reliable customer support system – are vital to smart CBD hemp seed purchases.

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