Industrial Hemp Seeds are the most important purchase a hemp farmer can make. Aside from attaining all proper licensing and approvals, finding quality industrial hemp seeds is an essential step to hemp farming success.

What are Industrial Hemp Seeds?

Industrial hemp seeds are bulk hemp seeds intended for industrial use. Industrial hemp seeds can produce fiber hemp, grain hemp, and cannabinoid or CBD hemp products.

The price of industrial hemp seeds per acre varies depending on the crop type. For example, most farmers can plant an acre of fiber hemp seeds for just under $700, whereas grain seeds cost about $1100 per acre. Industrial CBD hemp seeds, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from 2500 to $6000 per acre.

Though the variable price of industrial hemp seeds per acre may seem quite astounding, the potential revenue difference between fiber and grain industrial hemp seeds and industrial CBD hemp seeds is even more jaw-dropping. According to Cornell University’s John Hanchar, fiber, grain, and combination crops can net as much as $867 per acre after costs. Cannabinoid or CBD hemp, on the other hand, brings in about $1.30 per pound of biomass per percentage point of CBD. That means that the average 10 percent CBD hemp crop could bring in about $22,620 gross and about $18,500 net per acre of CBD hemp.

Do Industrial Hemp Seeds Contain CBD?

Industrial hemp seeds contain very little CBD. As such, products made from hemp seed (hemp seed oil, for example) contain minuscule CBD, as well. Consuming hemp seed or hemp seed oil does not result in cannabinoid consumption whatsoever.

However, industrial hemp seeds can produce CBD hemp – if given the proper care throughout the hemp growth cycle

Seed producers explicitly develop industrial CBD hemp seeds for their flower production. They are not like fiber hemp seeds, which contain a mixture of male and female plants. Moreover, they are not like grain hemp seeds, which primarily consist of hermaphroditic seeds. Instead, quality industrial CBD hemp seeds are female-only hemp plants bred for their substantial floral and terpene output.

Procuring feminized industrial hemp seeds is of critical importance to the CBD farmer. Female-only industrial hemp seeds ensure that no male plants can pollinate the hemp plants. By avoiding pollination, female hemp plants can produce more cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBD. Hence, feminized industrial hemp seeds are a worthy investment to ensure high-quality hemp biomass.

Buy Industrial Hemp Seeds

CBD hemp is a relatively new industry in the United States. As such, there are many regulations in place to ensure hemp farmers do not grow “hot crops.” Industrial hemp seed vendors should prove their hemp seeds meet federal hemp cultivation standards through an applicable Certificate of Analysis or COA. Note both the “total” and “potential” THC of potential seed purchases as it relates to local hemp cultivation laws and take care to protect hemp plants from stress to avoid possible THC spikes during the growing season.

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