While we’re a hemp seed bank that sells CBD seeds, we get asked often about high THC seeds. Fortunately for you, we know Greenpoint Seeds, a breeder that offers the best cannabis seeds from the USA.

But… Is it even legal to buy cannabis seeds?

There’s been no grayer area in the industry than the legality of cannabis seeds. The contradiction between the Controlled Substance act and the 2018 Farm Bill has placed seeds on the line between right and wrong. Recently, in and effort to clarify their opinion, The DEA has released a memo that states cannabis seeds are considered hemp because they test below 0.3% THC while in seed form. So order away!

Let’s do this! What’s the best cannabis seed bank?

Greenpoint Seeds is the best cannabis seed bank. 1,400+ reviews on TrustPilot, tons of 5-star reviews on Google. Great genetics, low prices, free shipping, fast shipping (4 days), large community!

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