With all of the new hemp seed distributors coming to market, it can be hard to determine which is the best hemp seed bank in the USA. However, hemp seeds are not all equal, and the wrong purchase can certainly be costly. Due to strict hemp production and processing guidelines set forth by the USDA, a poorly planned purchase could literally cost the farm.

Best Hemp Seed Bank USA

Today, we’ll discuss the importance of choosing the best seed bank in the US and go on to explain what to look out for when shopping for hemp seeds online.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Hemp Seed Bank

Hemp seeds are not marijuana seeds, though they are both members of the cannabis family. To be clear, most state programs heavily scrutinize hemp seeds because they have the potential to develop into non-compliant “marijuana” plants. It is, therefore, crucial to buy hemp seeds from vendors with both valid COAs and a firm understanding of state-by-state hemp laws.

Furthermore, hemp seeds should always come from a knowledgeable vendor. Many marijuana seed banks have begun offering hemp seeds on the side. However, they often lack the legal framework through which to conduct sales. For example, many states require that hemp seed vendors procure proper licensing for their specific area. Some states require vendors to follow strict seed labeling laws, whereas others require hemp-specific licensing to distribute hemp seeds in their state.


Moreover, many states prohibit hemp seed sales to anyone lacking proper licensing. Seed vendors who sell hemp seeds without confirming valid hemp licensing are effectively distributing non-compliant products. As such, licensed growers may be subject to penalties, including permit revocation. Given these tight regulations coupled with sometimes costly licensing fees, growers should never gamble with an unlicensed hemp seed distributor.

Finally, the best hemp seed bank in the US will have a breadth of knowledge about both hemp cultivation and compliance. Reputable hemp seed vendors should fully understand the processes required to grow compliant hemp. These processes include planting, feeding, and harvesting the completed hemp plants. Hemp compliance experts that work alongside a seed company’s sales team is an invaluable asset to any hemp farm.

Recognizing Fly-By-Night Hemp Seed Distributors

The legal hemp industry is an entirely new frontier. Many cannabis seed vendors have recently thrown their hats in the ring, hoping to boost sales with little regard to the regulatory framework they must follow. Though they may have COAs for their hemp seed cultivars, they likely do not have much else to offer. As a result, these hemp seed distributors may end up selling finicky hemp plants that turn hot under stressful conditions. You want the best hemp seed bank, not the runner up.

Another concern regarding these fly-by-night hemp seed banks is their tendency to sell seeds with low germination rates and excessive male plants. At Fortuna, we strongly recommend that CBD farmers purchase female-only hemp seeds to protect their crops from pollination and, thus, seedy (sub-standard) products. Unfortunately, many supposed feminized CBD hemp seed vendors do not deliver on this promise.


Fortuna Offers only the Best Hemp Seeds

According to an article published in Hemp Grower, some companies sell feminized hemp seeds but distribute seeds with a relatively even male-to-female ratio. Unfortunately, if male hemp plants pollinate females, then the females will not produce flowers, thus rendering the whole crop useless to the CBD market.

And that’s if the seeds germinate in the first place…

The same article also explains the relatively low germination rate of hemp seeds compared to other crops. Whereas most agriculture seeds must meet rigorous standards, the hemp industry is too young to follow the same provisions. Hence, many sub-par hemp seed banks may sell their seeds without the same protections that other seed vendors like Fortuna Hemp offer. Thus, licensed hemp growers must purchase seeds from a vendor with a proven track record in the hemp industry. Many marijuana seed banks don’t have that capacity.

When you buy your hemp seeds, you need to ensure they comply with all local, state, and government agencies. You need to make sure the hemp seed bank is licensed to sell in your state and that the hemp strain is legal to grow in your state. Fortuna Hemp is currently the only fully-licensed hemp seed bank in the USA. We are licensed in each and every state* for every hemp strain we sell. This is one of the reasons Fortuna has been awarded the best hemp seed bank in the USA.

Choosing Fortuna as your Hemp Seed Distributor

Fortuna’s primary objective is to support the ever-evolving hemp industry. We focus solely on the development and sale of fully-compliant CBD hemp seeds and consultation services. Our hemp experts work hard to provide seeds that exceed state and national hemp standards. Being the best anything is hard. Being the best hemp seed bank in the USA requires dedication and understanding to hemp seeds specifically.

Fortuna is mostly focused on feminized hemp seeds. We have been int he hemp seeds industry since day one and we found that feminized hemp seeds are the best option for hemp farmers. After working with regular, feminized, and autoflower hemp seeds, we found that feminized hemp seeds are all a farmer needs to profit and grow.

At Fortuna Hemp, we don’t only sell hemp seeds. We are farmers and breeders of hemp genetics that have worked in the hemp industry for many years.

Furthermore, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that all proper licensing is in place before we make a sale. This includes gaining all of the necessary permits to sell our feminized hemp seeds online and ensuring that our customers have all applicable licensing in place, as well.

We also pay careful attention to changing hemp laws and then share that information with our customers and website visitors. As mentioned, our top priority is to support the hemp industry – and that includes you!

Contact us to learn more about Fortuna Hemp and the many reasons we pride ourselves on being the best hemp seed bank in the US. Don’t forget to check our selection of premium feminized hemp seeds while you’re here.

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