New London Gold (CBG)


New London Gold is a feminized hemp strain that offers a treasure trove of dense, frosty buds that are rich in CBG. New London Gold is the culmination of many years of selective hemp breeding. New London Gold reliably produces generous yields of that will please any hemp smoker.

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New London Gold

New London Gold is a feminized hemp strain that offers a treasure trove of dense, frosty buds that are rich in CBG. This hardy, Sativa-dominant variety is the culmination of many years of selective hemp breeding. London Gold reliably produces a generous yield of connoisseur-grade hemp flowers that will please any hemp smoker.

New London Gold forms large, green-and-gold buds that are packed with CBG and contain almost no THC or CBD. This outstanding smokable hemp variety offers hardy, vigorous growth, mouthwatering flavor, and a unique terpene profile. Users love its earthy and nutty fragrance, and growers appreciate its quick flowering time and robust structure. This strain is sure to produce a gold mine of fantastic phenotypes.

New London Gold Origin

New London Gold was originally bred by Hemponix, a collective of highly experienced hemp breeders based in New London, Minnesota. Hemponix spent more than five years growing, selecting, and testing hemp plants in their journey to create New London Gold. The breeders started with tens of thousands of feral hemp plants and tested each plant for gender, THC, and CBD DNA markers. Out of the thousands of plants that they tested, they kept only ten of the best phenotypes. These unique plants showed no markers for THC or CBD. London Gold is one of those ten exceptional plants that Hemponix selected. This variety produces almost no THC or CBD and can produce more than 14% CBG, a rare cannabinoid that has become popular among many hemp users in recent years.

New London Gold Feminized Hemp Seeds

New London Gold is the product of several years of selective breeding. This strain descends from wild American hemp plants selected for producing copious amounts of CBG, while yielding almost no THC or CBD. Although its exact lineage is a mystery, this Sativa-dominant strain likely descends from the tropical Sativa cultivars common in Southeast Asia and Central and South America.

Qualities of New London Gold


New London Gold offers a complex and pungent aroma that fills the room with an earthy and skunky fragrance. This variety smells of chamomile, fine wood, and mixed nuts, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. New London Gold is rich in terpenes and contains caryophyllene, bisabolol, and guaiol. These terpenes combine to create a unique and powerful aroma that will satisfy any smokable hemp aficionado.


Much like its aroma, New London Gold offers a rich and savory flavor that lingers on the tongue. This smokable hemp variety coats the palate with notes of wood, mixed nuts, and skunk, with distinct undertones of cinnamon, vanilla, and fresh herbs. The smoke is smooth and fills the room with a nutty and woody fragrance.


New London Gold is a potent, Sativa-dominant hemp strain that offers a unique cannabinoid profile. Unlike most smokable hemp strains, which are known for their CBD production, New London Gold yields a high concentration of Cannabigerol and contains only trace amounts of THC and CBD. As a result, this strain delivers a nonintoxicating effect that soothes the body and mind. Users report that this strain may ease muscle tension and offer relief from pain, stress, and general discomfort.


Unlike most Sativa-dominant strains, New London Gold is of medium height, with robust branches, extensive lateral branching, and moderate internodal spacing (two to three inches apart). This variety produces a thick canopy of dark-green leaves that are sharply serrated. New London Gold forms strong, thick stalks and medium- to large-size colas. The dense, green-and-gold buds are decorated in bright-orange pistils and a thick layer of sticky resin glands.

Potential Medical Applications of New London Gold

New London Gold is capable of producing more than 14 percent CBG, a cannabinoid that has become popular recently due to its incredible therapeutic potential. Although more studies are needed to understand the full potential of CBG, this cannabinoid may combat pain and inflammation and provide relief from stress. One study indicated that CBG may show potential for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and inducing apoptosis in mutated cells. CBG’s therapeutic potential is promising, and many users report that they have benefitted from consuming this rare cannabinoid.

Growing New London Gold

New London Gold is a hardy and vigorous strain that flourishes in a variety of climates. This cultivar has been acclimated to the growing conditions of the central and northern regions of the United States and other areas with a shortened growing season. As a result, New London Gold matures quickly, with most plants completing the flowering cycle in eight to nine weeks. The seeds are highly viable, with a germination rate of 98 percent. This variety is resistant to most pests and diseases, and is particularly resistant to Pythium and other root diseases, as well as powdery mildew.

Indoor Growing

Due to its medium height, New London Gold is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing; however, some phenotypes may be somewhat taller. When grown indoors, this variety performs best when properly trained. New London Gold responds well to topping, super cropping, and other high- and low-stress training methods. These training methods may limit the plants’ vertical growth, increase their lateral branching, and boost the yield.


New London Gold is an adaptable strain that can flourish in a wide variety of growing media. This variety performs particularly well when cultivated in organic, nutrient-rich soil that is somewhat acidic. During the vegetative growth period, New London Gold requires more nitrogen to stimulate the growth of stalks and leaves. As this variety enters the flowering stage, it needs more phosphorous and potassium in order to promote bud growth.

Pest & Disease Control

New London Gold is a robust and hardy strain that is resistant to many diseases and pests. This cultivar is particularly resistant to root diseases such as pythium, and fungal infections such as powdery mildew. Due to its resilience to pests and diseases, farms rarely need to use pesticides and other chemicals when growing New London Gold.

Buy New London Gold Hemp Seeds

New London Gold is a premium smokable hemp strain that delivers a bountiful yield of golden-green flowers. This variety pleases growers with its fast flowering time, hardy and vigorous growth, and strong branches. Hemp users love its rich, woody aroma and sooting, nonintoxicating effects. New London Gold is a powerful, Sativa-dominant strain that is packed with CBG, and contains only trace amounts of THC and CBD. As such, this variety is perfect for commercial hemp farmers seeking a federally compliant hemp strain.

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