Feminized seeds produce only female plants by eliminating male chromosomes. Female plants produce buds that are rich in cannabinoids. Conversely, regular seeds pollinate naturally or with traditional breeding techniques to produce both male and female seeds. There is a 50 percent chance of getting a female plant in most species. As such, roughly half of the cannabis plants born from regular seeds are male.

Why Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Growing feminized cannabis seeds saves space and time by removing the guesswork of germinating regular seeds. Most cannabis regulations limit plant counts; therefore, growers cultivating a small crop of cannabis must ensure they are getting the most out of their growing space. Feminized seeds hemp ensure that the growing area is as productive as possible.

Feminized cannabis seeds ensure that only female plants are in the growing area, which allows fast and simple cultivation. Cultivating feminized cannabis seeds eliminates the unnecessary work of maintaining and pruning male plants, which most growers eventually discard anyway. Feminized seeds are free from hermaphrodites.

Moreover, cultivating feminized seeds saves growers the hassle of watching the plants at the pre-flowering stage to see if they are female or male.

How are Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

Breeders may employ several techniques to produce feminized cannabis seeds. The first method (also known as rodelization) is stressing cannabis plants through photoperiod, pH, nutrition, and temperature to develop female pollen. Growers can also delay harvesting for about three weeks to force the plants to encourage female plants to produce pollen. After pollination, the plants will yield feminized seeds with no male chromosomes. This method is natural and requires no chemicals.

Another method is applying colloidal silver to cannabis plants until the female plant produces pollen. Breeders then use the pollen to pollinate other flowers, thereby creating female seeds with no male chromosomes. Gibberellic acid also functions similarly.

Bottom Line

Feminizing cannabis seeds make it much easier and more economical to grow cannabis. Cannabis plants grown from feminized seeds have rich cannabinoid profiles and maximum potency and aroma.

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