Low THC is vital for any hemp product. Fortunately, every one of our products here at Fortuna Hemp have low THC levels. Our seeds are specifically bred to be rich in CBD and low in THC. This helps our customers produce the ideal hemp crop.

We don’t just blindly claim that our seeds are low THC, though. We have gone through the thorough process of getting our seeds analyzed by a third party to ensure our customers only buy low THC/high CBD hemp varieties. To further prove our compliance, we offer accurate COAs for each strain and each individual batch. In this way, farmers can be confident that their USA hemp seed purchase will produce compliant CBD hemp crops throughout the nation.

Benefits of Planting Low THC Hemp Seeds are Clear

To be clear, growing a crop that falls within the strict legal cannabinoid guidelines is of utmost importance for farmers and other large-scale hemp growers. While there are many factors that help ensure a crop doesn’t experience a THC spike, starting out with low THC seeds increase the chances of a legally successful crop substantially.

Low THC hemp is an especially attractive commodity because it lacks psychoactive THC. As such, it is a great alternative for folks looking for potential therapeutic benefits of certain cannabinoids without the high.

Whether you are just starting your hemp farming endeavor or you are an experienced CBD hemp farmer, low THC seeds can help you grow the perfect crop for your needs. Check out our wide selection of feminized hemp seeds to find what’s right for you!

Do you still have questions about low THC hemp seeds? Contact us to learn more about our hemp seeds and consultation services. We look forward to helping you find hemp industry fortune at Fortuna Hemp.