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Suver Haze is a sativa-dominant, high-CBD hemp strain bred by Oregon CBD that packs amazing flavor into its resilient buds. OCBD breeders meticulously crafted Suver Haze to produce a robust flavor profile, which includes hints of musk and orange peels. Its earthy aroma is reminiscent of the forest floor following a rainstorm.

Suver Haze buds tend to be small and fluffy, with a generous dusting of pungent trichomes that contribute to its breadth of therapeutic effects. Her most pronounced effects include a calming of both the mind and body. Firey pistils contrast the bright green buds creating a bag appeal that’s hard to ignore. It’s no wonder Suver Haze is such a popular sativa hemp strain.

Suver Haze Lineage: Neville’s Haze x Krishna’s Special Sauce

Suver Haze was developed in Southern Oregon from the strain Neville’s Haze and an unknown female, likely one known as Krishna’s Special Sauce. Phenotypes of these parents created the Suver Haze parent Suver 8, which, when crossed with Early Resin Berry (ERB) gave way to prize child Suver Haze.

Krishna's Special Sauce CBD Flower
Krishna’s Special Sauce CBD Flower

Neville’s Haze is a world-renowned high CBD strain hailing from Northern Lights and Haze phenos. She features a range of flavors, including skunk, diesel fuel, and citrus, and works well to combat mental discomforts like stress and depression. The strain finishes indoors in 10-14 weeks and outdoors in late September or early October. The effects of Neville’s Haze tend to last about two to three hours, followed by an intense craving for sweet and salty foods.

Early Resin Berry graces Suver Haze with flavors of red berries and bubblegum, with a slight citrus undertone that contributes to Suver Haze’s uplifting qualities. The bright green buds feature tinges of purple amidst a blanket of trichomes giving ERB a particularly breathtaking bag appeal. Though flavor alone is enough to enjoy this strain, she boasts profound effects, as well. Physical pain and discomforts melt away upon ERB consumption, replaced by a euphoric, uplifted mind.

CBD Hemp Grow Patterns

As a sativa-dominant strain, Suver Haze requires ample room to grow. She can grow up to six feet tall on average with a width that is equally as impressive. As she grows, her colas will stretch toward the sun resulting in dense, popcorn-like buds all along her long stems. Though buds are smaller than many indica-type strains, her output is certainly not. Many growers report harvesting a pound or more per plant, especially when grown outdoors in nutrient-rich soil. She is also very resilient to pests and mold and tolerates the stress of fluctuating weather conditions well. Suver Haze is best grown outdoors, where she has plenty of room to expand and a lot of time to reach her fullest potential.

Uses and Therapeutic Benefits of Suver Haze

Suver Haze CBD Oil
Suver Haze CBD Oil

This uplifting sativa strain is great for all-day use as she will never weigh the user down. Though her Northern Lights lineage is notorious for causing anxiety in high doses, the lack of THC in Suver Haze comfortably omits such concern. Instead, she offers an uplifting experience ideal for treating mental discomforts like stress and anxiety. Her high CBD content also contributes to a breadth of pain-relieving qualities, including anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, and the relief of many neurological disorders.

Thoughts Regarding Suver Haze Hemp Flower

Suver Haze is a well-rounded sativa-dominant CBD hemp strain that grows quickly regardless of environmental stressors. She is an excellent option for outdoor farmers thanks to her resilience to pests and mold, and her need for ample space to grow. Combining amazing flavors with powerful effects, Suver Haze is sure to be a crowd-pleaser amongst every demographic.

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  1. Tim Finck
    July 8, 2022 at 7:06 pm

    High, there! This strand sends to be exactly what I’ve been looking for and I would love to grow a plant for personal use!

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