CBD hemp is an increasingly prized commodity. To be clear, CBD is the most dominant cannabinoid in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects. CBD hemp comes in multiple forms with many interesting benefits.

Is CBD Hemp Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD hemp and its derivatives at the federal level and removed the hemp plant was from the Controlled Substances Act. In doing, hemp became a major agricultural commodity. However, the FDA gave states ultimate authority over hemp regulation in their areas. As such, CBD hemp remains illegal in some places. The FDA requires growers and processors to complete detailed registration and rigorous testing on all hemp plants and products to ensure they meet the required standards.

Types of CBD Products

  • Edibles: Edibles are consumable hemp products that a user can eat or drink. Examples of edible CBD products include gummies, cookies, and chocolates. They are one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD.
  • Pill and capsules: Some users prefer to ingest pills or capsules containing CBD. As the pills digest, the CBD absorbs slowly into the body for extended relief. However, it can take some time for the effects to kick in.
  • Oils and tinctures– Consumers can ingest CBD oils and tinctures by applying the liquid under the tongue. The body then absorbs the mixture sublingually for quicker bloodstream access in lower doses.
  • Topical CBD products: Users can apply topicals directly to the skin for a myriad of proposed benefits.
  • Vape: Portable vaporizers of “vape pens” are e-cigarettes that contain smokable hemp flower or oil. It is one of the fastest ways to experience CBD effects as it absorbs directly  into the bloodstream from the lungs.

Final Thoughts

CBD hemp contains little to no THC and, therefore, will not cause psychoactive effects known as a “high”. Fortunately, CBD research continues to expand, and we are excited to be part of it.

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