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High CBD hemp strains are quite a popular topic around the dinner table these days. And it’s no wonder: now that hemp-based CBD is no longer a Schedule I substance, farmers, processors, and consumers alike are taking a new interest in this seemingly explosive commodity.

Of course, industrial hemp cultivation is nothing new. In fact, hemp has been grown for its many benefits for thousands of years. From medicinal uses to industrial purposes, people, indeed, have a variety of ways to implement hemp into their everyday lives. Now, thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, this wonderful natural resource is finally making its post-prohibition comeback.

One of the most promising therapeutic components of hemp is the chemical, cannabidiol (CBD) that is produced by female hemp flowers. Studies show that there is amazing potential associated with CBD. As a result, the market now abounds with hemp-derived CBD-based natural health products.

Thanks to the rising popularity of CBD (and it’s potential to bring monetary reward), many farmers have started growing CBD hemp in lieu of more traditional crops. However, for the highest ROI on their hemp farm investment, they must purchase high CBD hemp seeds that will grow into the strains consumers love. To help make that decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best high CBD strains that hemp farmers must try.

But first…

Why Grow High CBD Hemp Strains?

Farmers grow hemp for two purposes — either to produce industrial items or to produce CBD. Thanks to some recent edits to the ever-evolving Farm Bill, CBD hemp is now legal to produce for commercial purposes. Hence, many farmers are now trying their hand CBD hemp cultivation. This makes finding the best high CBD hemp strains important.


The return on investment when it comes to CBD hemp versus industrial hemp is significant. With CBD hemp, farmers can often sell a single pound of hemp flowers for $350-$400 per pound. Industrial hemp, on the other hand, typically sells for $250-$300 per acre. No wonder, then, that farmers are drawn to CBD hemp over industrial hemp despite the increased stress that comes along with it.

This upward trend in CBD products is also a huge boost for the CBD hemp industry in general. From CBD oil, CBD lotions, and other CBD-based natural health products, the market for CBD products is ever-widening. This is good news for the CBD hemp industry as there is no sign that this rising CBD trend is going to be temporary.

Choosing the right hemp strain is an important choice when it comes to growing hemp for CBD. If you choose the wrong hemp strain, it could have lower CBD levels, unacceptable levels of THC, or produce a poor yield. But there are a variety of high CBD hemp strains that you can try. Below are a few of our favorites.

Best High CBD Hemp Strains & Seeds

Here are six of the best high CBD hemp strains on the market today. Many are also used in breeding thanks to their durability and strong genetic predictability.

Cherry Wine x The Wife - Cherry Blossom Feminized Hemp Seeds
Cherry Wine x The Wife – Cherry Blossom Feminized Hemp Seeds

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom — a CBD-rich hybrid made from Cherry Wine and The Wife — has a musky, pine-scented aroma. The large, dense buds have a flavorful blend of fresh earth and sweet berries. Cherry Blossom elicits a relaxing and pain-relieving effect that brings serenity and calm to the user. Cherry Blossom is also known for its resiliency in stressful environments and fares well in a variety of situations. With its high resin content, Cherry Blossom is one of the top choices and one of the best high CBD hemp strains.


Super Rich 1

Super Rich 1 — often called SR1 for short –is another CBD-rich hybrid hemp strain hailing from parents, Suzy Q and Richness. Overwhelmed with the sweet and tangy flavors of lemon and gelato, Super Rich 1 produces enormous colas of high-quality, cannabinoid-rich hemp. Known for its glorious amount of resin and abundant oil return, Super Rich 1 thrives outdoors — even in climate conditions that cause many problems for other hemp strains! Super Rich 1 thrives in warm, humid climates and drier climates alike. This hybrid strain was field-tested across Colorado, Oregon, Illinois, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Canada. Super Rich 1 continually produces test results with an average of 21 percent CBD.



The Wife

This high CBD strain has CBD levels typically clocking in around 20% making it one of the best high CBD hemp strains available today. The Wife provides a smooth smoking experience with delicious earthy and berry flavors on the inhale and cherry-banana flavors on the exhale. With its high-resin content and abundance of trichomes, this is a great high CBD strain for both novice and experienced growers alike.




A hybrid blend of its parents, Cotton Candy and Shishkaberry, C4 is accompanied by sweet and earthy aromas. This ultra-relaxing and uplifting blend has a wonderfully high CBD content that puts it right up at the top of the best high CBD strains list. C4 grows beautiful, small flowers with soft green buds and orange pistils. C4 is known to be resilient to pests and mold; it also experiences an early flowering season. Along with the early flowering season, you can expect a high yield from this and high resin levels strains. If you buy C4 hemp seeds, let us know what you think.


T2 (Trump x Trump)

Regardless of your feelings for a particular Trump, you can’t help but fall in love with this Trump x Trump high CBD hemp strain. With its massive flowers, dusty sugar leaves, and woody, fruity flavored terpenes, this is a delightful choice on the list of high CBD strains. T2 is the ideal strain for outdoor hemp cultivation because it is durable and resilient to harsh weather. T2 provides a clear-headed, stimulating experience that can only come from a high CBD strain. If you ever buy T2 hemp seeds or T1 seeds, let us know what your experience was like.




A cross of Hindu-Kush and Otto II, BaOx has a fresh, heavily aromatic scent. BaOx grows vigorously, has a compact, short structure, is densely green and a bit sticky. But this high CBD strain has a very relaxing effect that you won’t soon forget. BaOx is another sweetheart at the top of the list of high CBD hemp strains. BaOx hemp seeds are some of our favorite high CBD hemp seeds around. If you get a chance to buy BaOx hemp seeds, let us know what you think.


Final Thoughts on The Best High CBD Hemp Strains

High CBD hemp strains are not only becoming a mainstream crop for farmers, but they are infiltrating the natural health market with very positive results. There are a lot of great strains out there that are high in CBD — this list is just the beginning.

What are some of your favorite high CBD hemp strains? We would love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. best strain for seniors
    May 5, 2020 at 1:10 pm

    I am a fan of all 3 types for various reasons. Hybrid helps me eat, indica helps me sleep and calm down, sativa helps me reflect when stressed as well as reach my creative spark when depression has me down.

    • Fortuna Hemp
      May 5, 2020 at 2:24 pm

      We are happy to hear that these hemp strains have been so helpful. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

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