Feminized Hemp seeds are seeds that grow only female hemp plants. Feminized hemp plants provide buds that are rich in CBD. Mature female hemp plants are stressed to produce feminized seeds to preserve their genetic line. The seeds contain the same genetic makeup as the mother plant.

Advantages of Feminized Hemp Seeds

With feminized seeds, growers do not have to worry about stray male hemp plants pollinating female plants and reducing the yield. To be clear, pollinated flowers produce low cannabinoid levels. Moreover, the use of feminized hemp seeds facilitates better forecasting, which helps growers estimate crop yield and project potential profits. Better forecasting allows for more effective budgeting for expenses and negotiation with buyers.

Additionally, cultivating only female seeds raises profits for hemp growers. With regular hemp seeds, growers must throw out almost half of the plants because they contain many male plants. Using feminized hemp seeds guarantees that all the plants will be female.

Growing with regular hemp seeds is also tedious and time-consuming. Growers must wait up to six weeks to reach the preflower stage to accurately determin the sex of plants. They need extra time to assess every plant and get rid of all the males. As such, growing using feminized seeds saves time and resources.

Female hemp plants that do not become pollinated will not produce seeds. Consequently, growers can cut and cure the entire buds to sell directly to the customers.  On the other hand, pollinated buds require deseeding, which is time-consuming.

Disadvantages of Feminized Hemp Seeds

Feminized seeds are more costly compared to regular seeds. However, they are a worthy investment since they guarantee a high return on investment (ROI) at the end. Feminized hemp seeds are also more sensitive than other seeds and cannot withstand stress. Finally, they are not a good choice for growers who aim to produce and harvest seeds as they prevent male seeds’ development.

Bottom Line

The best way for growers to increase revenue is by growing feminized hemp seeds. The seeds are worth the extra cost. Growers should buy their seeds from reputable seed banks that offer a feminization rate of at least 99 percent.

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