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High CBD hemp seeds are in demand thanks to the legalization of hemp December 2018. The marijuana business is booming, but thanks to Prohibition, growing and selling the plant requires a lot of startup capital. Plus, there’s the constant threat of a federal crackdown.

The hemp industry allows a reprieve from such pressures. But it’s not all sunshine and roses.

There’s a lot of work involved with meeting federal guidelines for hemp, along with figuring out how to turn a profit with low-balling buyers. Start with a plan for success and then buckle in and explore while hemp seeds are the bee’s knees.

CBD Research Is Promising

Research for cannabis has been difficult thanks to its Schedule 1 status. However, based on the studies we do have, we’ve learned that CBD may be a great way to relieve the daily struggles associated with anxiety and insomnia. It’s also proving to be a beaming solution for those struggling to find relief with cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and opiate addiction.

CBD Market Is Exploding

The time is now to leap into the hemp industry (with a business plan or at least consulting help first). With a global market value at nearly $5 billion as of December 2019, projections hit as high as $24 billion by 2024. And that’s a step up from the initial forecast of $15 billion by 2025 by Cowen & Co, a New York-based investment bank.

So what’s feeding into this explosion of good fortune? According to Grandview Research, North America leads with the largest market share. The runner-up is Asia, with China cultivating almost half of global hemp production as Asia’s biggest cultivator of the plant. Without legalization programs, though, Asia and also Africa will continue to lag in the CBD hemp market.

The versatility of CBD’s pharmaceutical, wellness, ingestible, and health products means a broad range of revenue options.  Especially with major retailers like Walgreens and CVS selling CBD-based products in all of their stores. And this is only the Business to Consumer (B2C) side of things.

B2C makes up most of the revenue share from the CBD market, but B2B also slams a substantial amount of cash on top of the projected flow. And with more and more stores willing to sell “diet weed,” CBD products get a broader reach. That’s noting that mainly cannabis dispensaries and head shops were the only go-to places for hemp-derived CBD.

Read our in-depth blog post on industry projections here.

High CBD Hemp Seeds = Farm Bill Compliant

The prospect of growing legal marijuana may feel too costly and stress-inducing because of state compliance and the perpetual existence of Prohibition. High CBD hemp seeds are a simpler, very legal alternative. And they’re federally compliant thanks to Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. AKA, the 2018 Farm Bill.

CBD Seeds - High CBD Hemp Strains - Fortuna Hemp
CBD Seeds – High CBD Hemp Strains – Fortuna Hemp

The 2018 Farm Bill is revolutionary: it made growing hemp legal and removed it from the Controlled Substances Act. This pertains mainly to industrial hemp; CBD is not de-scheduled unless it’s paired with less than 0.1% THC. That’s the case of the first FDA-approved CBD tincture Epidiolex, a Schedule V substance as of December 2019.

This isn’t to say that the government won’t reschedule CBD. It comes down to the FDA to establish guidelines for consumption and addition of the cannabinoid to food and drinks. And depending on location, it may not be legal to grow in some states.

Of special significance is the distinction between hemp and marijuana. Though both are descendants of the cannabis sativa species, THC levels determine the plant’s classification. “Hemp” is any plant with less than 0.3% THC. Farmers are gradually learning new ways to prevent THC spikes in their hemp crops, which is of critical importance. Federal law mandates that once a plant is no longer “hemp,” DEA agents must destroy the “hop crop” according to protocol.

The legalization of hemp means that any farmer (in legal states) can acquire a license and be a pioneer helping to shape the hemp industry. Federal CBD hemp cultivation guidelines include insurance protection for all crops in case growers have more than one plant they’re cultivating.

All High CBD Hemp Seeds Are Not Equal

Feminized seeds are necessary for growing high CBD hemp. They’re especially essential for attaining the highest cannabinoid yields which male plants cannot attain. If a male plant ends up in a crop, it could compromise it by pollinating female plants. And pollinated plants pivot and pour their energy into producing seeds rather than cannabinoids. If not caught, this could mean a useless crop and large sums of money down the drain.

This is why it’s essential to buy feminized seeds from a reputable distributor who regularly updates their Certificate of Analysis (COA). Aside from getting what’s advertised when purchasing seeds, this also means lowering the risk of THC levels exceeding 0.3%. Federally, hemp that has higher levels of THC is “marijuana,” and is thus illegal and requires destruction.

Buying from a trustworthy seller also means better knowledge of the plant’s genetics. Paired with a COA, growers have a better idea of terpene profiles. And given that such profiles are associated with high-resin and are thus THC-laden, purchase seeds from experienced growers to limit room for error.

Quality feminized seeds yield a robust crop—and are occasionally hard to find due to shortages. That applies acutely to getting female clones if that’s another option. Though there’s the guarantee that the plant is female (instead of waiting six weeks for pre-flowering), seeds are the more straightforward choice in a complicated farming process few understand. This is not to mention that the cost for clones is substantially higher, as well.

High CBD Takeaways

High CBD hemp seeds are so popular because of the continually expanding hemp and CBD industries thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Before buying, always verify the reputation of the distributor and check for recent Certificates of Analysis.

Start farming with ease by buying Fortuna’s feminized high CBD hemp seeds. And for newcomers to cultivation, also consider Fortuna’s hemp business consulting services to improve your chances of success.


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