Hemp seeds are a product of the plant Cannabis Sativa L. These seeds make headlines across television channels almost every day. Its cultivation is spreading from one continent to the other due to its multiple uses and benefits. Indeed hemp is a dynamic crop that is easy to cultivate, maintain, and harvest. The following is a comprehensive guide about hemp seed cultivation.

Check Soil Quality

The first thing you should do is ensure that the area you intend to grow the hemp seeds has the right soil. Checking the condition of the soil is simple. You only have to purchase a soil testing kit from your local hardware. Hemp’s soil pH should be between six and seven. You will get results with recommendations on how correct the condition of the soil.

As soon as you have the soil test results, put all the recommendations into action by supplementing the soil with the right minerals. You could also consider planting a cover crop before you plant the hemp seeds to enrich the soils. Rotating crops before planting hemp seeds will allow for healthy and dynamic soil for better hemp plant growth.

Planting Hemp Seeds

Before you plant, it is wise to buy hemp seeds from a renowned seller. Agriculture specialists advise that you sow hemp seeds between April and June, although weather conditions and the soil conditions are more crucial than the planting months. The ideal conditions for cultivating hemp seeds are six to eight hours of sunlight daily and a 50°F soil temperature. Plant hemp seeds a quarter to a half-inch deep into the soil, spacing plants according to their variety and intended use. Finally, water the hemp seeds thoroughly the germination process to commence.

After five to ten days, you should see the seeds sprouting, although some seeds can take more than 14 days to sprout. It all depends on the quality of the hemp seeds and the conditions available. You should deeply water your seeds at least once a week during dusk and early in the morning to prevent the water from evaporating.

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