Hemp law focuses on helping growers, suppliers, processors, and retail merchants of hemp and hemp-based products navigate the industry effectively. Though the cannabis industry has experienced numerous ups and downs throughout the years, the recent Farm bill rebirthed it all. These new laws have geared CBD’s popularity and shifted the demand for CBD-derived products.


Hemp Law on the Move


The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp and cannabis derivatives with low THC (less than 0.3percent) from schedule I list of controlled substances, thus rejuvenating the cannabis industry. However, hemp products must fulfill Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements and standards just like every other FDA-controlled product. These laws ensure that users access safe, high-quality, and accurately labeled products.


To be clear, hemp cultivation is legal in most states under strict laws. The revised Agriculture Improvement Act doesn’t create an entirely free system where businesses or individuals can produce hemp whenever or wherever they choose. Instead, cannabis enthusiasts must adhere to all applicable laws before growing, distributing, processing, or selling hemp and related products. Just a few of these hemp laws include background checks, license applications, and lab tests.


Farmers can transport hemp biomass across states for commercial or other purposes with no worry about legal troubles provided they abide by the federal, state, tribal or hemp law. Consequently, transporters should carry the right documentation like license, certificate of analysis, and so on to clear doubt between illegal cannabis and legal hemp.


While the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) allows interstate hemp transportation, some specific states (like Idaho and Oklahoma) might still not be on board. As such, it’s impossible to guarantee safe passage from state to state, especially in highly regulated areas. As such, it is best to consider routes through states that allow hemp cultivation program. For instance, transporters should probably avoid Idaho when transporting hemp biomass from Colorado to Oregon.


The Future of Hemp


Thanks to CBD’s growing worldwide popularity, the cannabis industry will definitely skyrocket. Those who are licensed to grow hemp should stick to high-quality hemp seeds. We offer the right tools to grow CBD hemp nationwide. Also, prior planning, including getting the right documentation, will streamline your hemp program.


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