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Cannabinoid-Rich Honey Infused by Bees

What is cannabinoid-rich honey?

As the name implies, it is honey that contains cannabinoids. People have been using honey as both medicine and food for many centuries. The sweet and thick liquid comes from honeybees, which people often describe as nature’s sweetener.

Moreover, natural honey is full of antioxidants and compounds such as minerals, proteins, organic acids, amino acids, and vitamins. It provides our bodies with numerous benefits and acts as a better alternative to refined sugar. As people continue to learn more about the powers of cannabidiol (CBD), it is no surprise honey producers are coming up with innovative methods to infuse it into their products.

Benefits of Cannabinoid-Rich Honey

CBD is currently one of the hottest trending products in the health industry because it helps users balance and improve health. This improved well-being is all thanks to an internal regulatory system within all mammals called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  The ECS encompasses numerous receptors throughout the body that are triggered by cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

Indeed, both honey and CBD have such a profound benefit on the body. Additionally, unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. This nonintoxicating cannabinoid comes from cannabis or hemp flower. Because marijuana is still illegal in some states, most CBD honey producers across the country are working with hemp.

The World’s First Organic Hemp Honey, Completely Produced by Bees

After introducing cannabis to a person who was suffering from cancer and realizing it offered significant relief to the patient, Joline Rivera decided to start her own cannabis platform. In 2017, Joline launched Kitchen Toke, a website and quarterly magazine devoted to the culinary, health, and wellness benefits of cannabis. Although Rivera was new to the industry, she realized that there was a space to be filled for individuals who do not want to smoke cannabis but may be eager to try it in food for wellness, health, and nutrition.

Through a partnership with Bee Fuse Technology, Kitchen Toke was able to launch its first products – the hemp honey and a beeswax balm made from the honey’s byproduct. They used a patented method in which the bees ingest a blend of nectar and proprietary hemp, producing the honey as they digest the mixture. Today, Kitchen Toke produces the world’s only full-spectrum, organic, whole-plant hemp honey, which is 100 percent infused by bees.

The honey contains 23 terpenes and 36 pain relief and anti-inflammation cannabinoids such as CBN (known for aiding sleep) and CBG, which shows promise in slowing tumor growth. These compounds have no psychoactive effects but work together to ease anxiety and discomfort. Adding to the natural antifungal and antibacterial properties already existing in honey, the product certainly is a powerhouse of health benefits.

Kitchen Toke Hemp Honey is also unique in that when bees ingest nectar/hemp oil mixture, their stomach break down the cannabinoids, thereby making them water-soluble. The water-soluble cannabinoids have better bioavailability, which allows optimal absorption and benefits. Also, the hemp honey has no expiry date since the shelf life of honey is virtually endless.

Why Is Cannabinoid-Rich Honey so Popular?

Hemp honey has a delicious taste, soothing abilities (particularly with digestion), and energy-boosting effects. As such, it’s no wonder that hemp honey is so popular in mainstream storefronts. Additionally, CBD honey may be useful to treat numerous ailments, which include insomnia, hangovers, coughing, acne, cuts and burns, dandruff, acid reflux, and fatigue. It’s also linked with the following benefits:

  • Soothing chronic pains
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Reduced nausea and vomiting
  • Appetite boost
  • An improvement in mood

How to Use CBD Honey

In addition to adding CBD honey to tea, users can also add it to their next charcuterie and cheese platter, combine it with their favorite recipe, or eat it with a spoon. Moreover, because CBD has no psychoactive effects, users don’t have to worry about overeating. However, an average serving size of CBD-infused honey is usually about one tablespoon, depending on the brand.

Final Thoughts About Cannabinoid-Rich Honey

Bees are incredibly valuable to our ecosystem. They are essential to everything, from pollinating our crops to giving us honey to help our bodies thrive. Through ethical beekeeping, hemp honey producers honor what bees do, thus protecting something special that nature gives us to keep us healthy. Bees are thriving in hemp farms, and humans are benefiting, too.

Now that hemp cultivation is legal in the United States, the future of the hemp industry comes with technological innovations. The industry is already proliferating, and hemp farmers are becoming more and more innovative to keep the pace. Cannabinoid-rich honey is only one of many new products that are helping build stronger, healthier communities.

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