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CBD Hemp Seeds For Growing In D.C.

Unfortunately, hemp seeds are currently restricted in the District of Columbia. We’ll update our DC feminized hemp seed selection as soon as we are able. Check back often for the latest DC hemp licensing news and information

Growing hemp in Washington D.C. is not legal at this time. Despite this, some changes can happen to enable licensing soon. Here you’ll find resources for getting a legal hemp licensing program started in Washington, D.C.

Though you may not be able to grow or process hemp in the District of Columbia, the sale of hemp-derived CBD products is legal. There are no limitations on where the product comes from, so if you’re already making hemp products, there’s still an opportunity to earn money in our nation’s capital.

Washington D.C. Hemp Legalization Progress

So far, there’s no information about hemp licensing in D.C. It does have a legal medical and recreational cannabis program that allows patients to grow up to six marijuana plants. But there are no laws explicitly saying that home growing also applies to hemp.

Follow Vote Hemp for possible changes and guidance on what actions the public can take to help create a hemp licensing program. Vote Hemp is a D.C.-based organization committed to nationwide hemp legalization and access. They provide resources and direction for activism action steps.

While Vote isn’t pushing for any D.C.-specific campaigns, there are ways for the public to get involved nationwide. The results will affect the future of your hemp farming!

Hemp Products are Legal in D.C.

Washington, D.C. may not allow growing hemp yet, but it does permit product sale and consumption. There’s a robust market of CBD oils, topicals, smokable hemp flowers, and more that seem to be popular among a health-conscious crowd.

Out-of-state hemp farmers and processors may consider pairing with local D.C. shops to expand their reach into new regions and demographics.

Getting Involved to Grow Hemp in Washington, D.C.

Here are a few national objectives from Vote Hemp for hemp legislation that could use your support.

Click here to support the Hemp Farming Act. This acts to improve the language of the 2018 Farm Bill that hopes to treat hemp cultivation the same as any other crop. Importantly, this final version of the farm bill will remove the Drug Enforcement Administration from its oversight role in hemp. It also:

  • Includes access for Native American tribes
  • Funds hemp research
  • Funds hemp seed bank
  • Allows hemp crop insurance

Here are other ways to support hemp legalization. For H.R. 5587, you can reach out to your representative(s) to classify CBD as a supplement. You can also support the push to get stimulus money to help hemp farmers.

Waiting to Buy Washington D.C. Feminized Hemp Seeds

You can’t grow feminized hemp seeds on your Washington, D.C. farm just yet, but it could happen soon. When the time comes, never settle for sub-standard CBD hemp seeds. High levels of THC and male plants lead to destroyed crops and money lost.

So whether you’re waiting to grow hemp in D.C. or you’re processing products to sell in the capital, check out our collection of feminized hemp seeds. As always, feel free to contact us for a consultation. We’d love to bring out the best of your hemp farming experience.

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