Connecticut Hemp Seeds

Connecticut Hemp Seeds

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Getting a license to grow hemp in Connecticut is an essential step toward commercial hemp cultivation in the State. Hemp farmers, handlers, and processors must maintain licenses from all appropriate entities and file all mandatory reports.

Get Licensed to Grow Hemp in Connecticut State

Growers and processors can apply to Connecticut’s hemp program through the CT Department of Agriculture E-License portal. Licenses are biennial and expire on December 31 of the second year. Licensees can renew permits three months before the expiry date in October.

The State requires all individuals to provide their social security number, date of birth, mailing and email addresses, residential address, and telephone number. Businesses must give the full name of the business entity, federal employer identification number, telephone number, and email address. The applicants must also submit a research plan, including the proposed acreage of the area involved in hemp growth and processing. Additionally, they must list their proposed seed source and the variety of seeds or propagules they intend to plant.

An applicant must also provide GPS coordinates of each growing area in decimal degree format taken at the approximate center of the grow plot. The licensed grower can take the GPS coordinates of indoor cultivation plots at the approximate entrance of the greenhouse or any other building where hemp will grow. Applicants must also provide maps with clearly marked entrances, plot boundaries, and specific locations related to the GPS coordinates.

Additionally, the license holder must inform the commissioner or any law enforcement agency immediately if there is hemp material theft.

Hemp Registration Fees in Connecticut

A nonrefundable application fee of $50 applies to all hemp license applications. A biennial grower license costs $50 per acre and $50 for each additional plot up to one acre in size. The fee for a processor license is valid for two years and costs $250. The site modification fee is $50 per acre for each change to the grower license application.

If a grower plans to grow hemp in a new location other than the sites specified in the application, he or she must submit a Grow Site Modification Request Form plus a $50 payment and obtain written approval from the commissioner.

Hemp Reporting in Connecticut

A licensed grower must prepare a complete and current Indoor Planting Report or Outdoor Field Planting Report within fifteen days after every planting. The planting reports identify each variety name of the certified seeds planted and location ID as assigned by the department.

Licensees must maintain for at least three years and present them to the commissioner immediately upon request.

Hemp Sampling and Testing in Connecticut

The Department of Agriculture may perform inspections and sampling at any time at their discretion. However, a licensed grower must submit a Harvest Report or Destruction Report at least 15 days before the intended harvest or destruction date. Next, a representative will take representative samples of each crop to confirm THC compliance. The licensee bears all financial responsibility for hemp sampling and testing in Connecticut.

Licensed growers should perform frequent testing as the crop matures to avoid THC limit violations. If a pre-harvest sampling test results indicate that the crop has THC levels of above 0.3 percent, the grower must destroy all the hemp at his or her expense.

Hemp Application Restrictions in Connecticut

The applicant must submit a Criminal History Report for license consideration. Those with a felony conviction within the last ten years do not qualify for hemp licensing in Connecticut.

Unauthorized pesticides are illegal to use during hemp cultivation.

Buy Connecticut Feminized Hemp Seeds

License-holders must use certified hemp seeds approved by the United States Secretary of Agriculture. License-holders must provide the name of their certified seed source on the Field Planting Report Form or Indoor Planting Report Form. If there is a change in hemp seed source or variety, the grower must submit a Hemp Seed Modification Request Form. It is advisable to buy feminized hemp seeds to ensure every crop will produce high levels of CBD while keeping THC levels low.

To learn more about the Connecticut state hemp cultivation laws, visit their website. Of course, you can always contact us to learn how we can help you flourish in the Connecticut hemp industry.

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