Grow hemp in Alabama by following all proper licensing, reporting, and sampling protocol. Though growing hemp in Alabama can be a highly rewarding experience, all those who wish to participate must follow a strict set of guidelines to do so legally. Fortuna Hemp will explain the precise requirements necessary to grow hemp in Alabama and buy Alabama hemp seeds.

Get Licensed to Grow Hemp in Alabama

Alabama’s hemp registration enrollment period for 2021 will open from October 5 through November 20 of this year. Applications and further instructions will not be available until late August. However, there are many things prospects can do now to prepare for enrolling in Alabama’s Hemp Program.

Firstly, business entities should have all proper registration and documentation in place. Registrants must submit their business formation information with their hemp registration application.

Additionally, all land intended for hemp production must be secured and ready for planting. Greenhouses or other structures should be complete at this time. Growers must also submit GPS coordinates where they will cultivate the hemp. Each additional location requires an additional Grow Site Registration Form.

Learn more about Alabama GPS location reporting here

Finally, all key participants must request a background check from their respective states. Alabama residents can submit the Criminal History Request Form and a $25 check or money order to:

AL Law Enforcement Agency
Criminal Records and Identification Unit
PO Box 1511
Montgomery, AL


Applicants must also submit a copy of their photo ID and a set of fingerprints obtained from their local police or sheriff’s office.

Out-of-state applicants must request a criminal history report from their state law enforcement agency. The request must list the ADIA as the agency to release background information too. Applicants should address the Affidavit for Release Information to:

AL Department of Agriculture and Industries
Industrial Hemp Program
1445 Federal Drive
Montgomery, Alabama

During the registration period, interested participants can send all applicable paperwork plus a $200 registration fee to:

Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADIA)
1445 Federal Drive
Montgomery, Alabama

Once approved, licensees must pay an additional $1000 participation fee for every growing or processing area they wish to register.

Sampling and Testing Hemp in Alabama

According to USDA hemp farming guidelines, crops must produce THC levels below 0.3 percent. To ensure THC levels remain compliant, ADIA will test at least four hemp samples per site using the top eight inches (20 cm) of a hemp flower. Inspectors will take a separate sample from each variety and each non-contiguous crop.

To begin the inspection process, licensees must notify the Department at least 14 days before harvest by submitting a Harvest/Destruction Form. Upon receipt, the Department will assign an inspector to the licensee. The inspector will contact the licensee to schedule an inspection close to the proposed harvest date. The licensee must be present during hemp crop inspection.

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If crop samples test above the maximum THC threshold, the Department will take a post-harvest sample to ensure there was no error in testing. If the product still proves noncompliant, growers must destroy it according to USDA standards. Before terminating a crop, farmers must submit an additional Harvest/Destruction report whereby they indicate the destruction of a failed plant. No hemp crop can be harvested or terminated without prior written consent from the Department.

Though Alabama hemp growers can outsource testing to a private lab, these entities cannot provide official documents and are, therefore, no substitution for ADIA inspection.

Next Steps to Grow Hemp in Alabama

Before planting the first Alabama seeds, licensees must submit a Seed Acquisition Form. This form must be completed and accepted before purchasing Alabama hemp seeds or live plants. Those who wish to source seeds from multiple vendors must submit a separate Seed Acquisition Form for each source. The form must also include a COA from each variety and documentation proving that the seed provider is a legal hemp seed vendor in their state.

After receiving hemp variety approval, licensees must submit a Hemp Grow Plan. The Department requires a separate Grow Plan for each approved location due no later than May 1 of the respective year. Farmers must report approved areas that will not grow hemp as a “No Planting” area.

Additional Hemp Reporting Requirements

Alabama requires periodic hemp reporting throughout the season. For example, growers must respond to an email from the Department regarding the state of their crops by August 1. To be clear, all hemp that will grow in Alabama during a growing season must be planted and growing by July 31. If a lot does not contain green plants by August 1, the growers’ license will be void for that growing season. Note that this action will in no way impede future hemp growing license in Alabama.

Buy Alabama Feminized Hemp Seeds

Alabama CBD hemp farmers must choose their seeds wisely. Before submitting a Seed Acquisition Request Form, licensees must ensure that the Alabama hemp seeds they seek are feminized hemp seeds only. Female hemp seeds produce high levels of CBD with only trace amounts of THC. Female CBD seeds ensure that every plant will produce abundant cannabinoids and terpenes without producing seeds or undesirable male plants.

To learn more about Alabama’s Hemp Program, visit their website or contact us to learn how we can help.

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