Rhode Island Hemp Seeds

Rhode Island Hemp Seeds

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CBD Hemp Seeds For Growing In Rhode Island

Rhode Island hemp seeds are temporarily out of stock while we await AOSCA approval. Come back soon for a list of compliant Rhode Island feminized hemp seeds.

Anyone wishing to grow hemp in Rhode Island must be licensed first. The Department of Business Regulation establishes rules and regulations for licensing the growing, handling, and processing of hemp in the state.

 Get Licensed to Grow Hemp in Rhode Island State

The state accepts applications throughout the calendar year. Each applicant must submit a signed, complete, accurate, and legible application to the Department of Business Regulation through their registration portal. Applications also require a nonrefundable cashier’s check of $250 made payable to the General Treasurer. The applicant must also pay a license fee of $2,500 upon application approval.

Applicants must provide a full description of the cultivation area, including the street address, lot number, and the nearest public road of access. Applicants should also include a map, an aerial photograph, and GPS coordinates for finding the production fields. If the growing area is indoors, a detailed description of the building with estimated measurements will suffice.

Applicants must also provide a signed statement of growing plot ownership. If the applicant is leasing the cultivation plot, the owner must sign a statement consenting to the use of the plot to grow hemp.

Additionally, the applicants must provide a detailed description of the cultivation technique or extraction method plus a statement of the intended end use of the hemp they grow. Applicants must document that they will only transact with other licensees. Those applying to renew their licenses must update their application information and pay all fees similar to those applying for a new license.

The Department of Business Regulation also requires a national criminal background check of all critical participants. The department will deny licensing to any applicant with a felony conviction.

 Rhode Island State Hemp Operational Requirements

An industrial hemp cultivation license is valid for two years. The Department of Business Regulation requires licensees to plant hemp material and harvest within the licensing period. The DBR requires that all licensees use the state-approved Agricultural Pilot Program Tracking System to monitor compliance. The licensees will pay all costs associated with the use of the tracking system.

Registrants must display a tracking certificate containing the total size and location of the licensed area used for growing hemp and the estimated number of hemp plants in the growing lot.

 A licensee must keep the following documents and records;

  • Inventory records must contain information such as the summary of the inventory findings and the name, signature, and title of the individual who conducted the inventory plus the date they took the records
  • Testing results and sampling records
  • The use of any pesticide on the hemp crop, including product use and application regimens
  • Emergency notification records of emergencies such as theft and natural disasters

Licensees must maintain all records relating to planting growing, cultivation, harvest, processing, and marketing for at least five years and make them available to the DBR immediately upon request.

Hemp Sampling and Testing in Rhode Island 

The Department makes random and routine inspections during regular business hours. A licensed testing facility representative will conduct sampling before harvesting. A licensee or appointed representative must be present during sampling. The licensee is responsible for the cost and expense of all sampling.

If hemp testing proves that a crop’s THC levels are more than 0.3 percent, the licensee may request a retest within ten days after receiving test results. The licensee must pay all analysis costs and expenses linked with any retests. The license holder must destroy any hemp that tests above the acceptable 0.3 percent THC limit under the DBR’s supervision and at the licensee’s expense.

Next Steps to Growing Hemp Legally in Rhode Island

After being approved to grow hemp in Rhode Island, the next step is obtaining high-quality hemp seeds. Those planning to grow hemp for CBD should only buy feminized seeds. Feminized hemp seeds guarantee the production of female hemp plants with potent CBD flowers. Licensees can only obtain hemp seeds from a licensed or a certified source.

For more information about cultivation laws in Rhode Island, visit their website. Of course, you can always contact us to learn how we can help you thrive in the Rhode Island hemp industry.

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