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Iowa Hemp Seeds

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Grow hemp in Iowa with an official Iowa hemp license. Though outdoor registration is currently closed for the 2020 growing season, indoor cultivation facilities may still apply.

Getting Licensed to Grow Hemp in Iowa

Those who wish to grow or process hemp in Iowa may apply to do so in 2021. Iowa’s Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship (IDALS) must receive outdoor hemp license applications by April 15 of that year. There’s no deadline to apply for an indoor hemp license.

To qualify for hemp licensing in Iowa, applicants must submit a fingerprint card the IDALS and to the FBI for background record checks plus a $15 background check fee. The process may take a few weeks. As such, applicants should allow ample time for processing. Eligibility for Iowa’s hemp program requires a clean criminal history. The application form must include contact information, GPS site location, proposed hemp varieties, and crop destruction methods.

IDALS offers four types of hemp licenses: Single Licensee, Multiple Licensees, Association Licensee, and University Licensee. All-in-all, every individual involved in the hemp license must appear on the license application list and submit fingerprints for background checks.

Fees associated with license applications are $500 for zero to five acres, $750 for 5.1 to ten acres, and $1000 for 10.1 to 40 acres. Moreover, registrants must pay an extra $5 fee per acre and $1000 base inspection fees per license.

Mandatory Licensee Reports

Farmers who grow hemp outdoors in Iowa must submit an Outdoor Planting Report to the Department within 14 days after planting. Conversely, indoor growers must submit an Indoor Planting Report on the first day of the month following planting. Both reports must include the farmer’s full name and contact information, license number, anticipated harvest date, and a comprehensive site map. Moreover, the farmer shall notify the FSA (Farm Service Agency) about the hemp acreage no more than 30 days after planting.

Growers must notify the IDALS at least 30 days before the expected time of harvest. The report must include business details, license number, the expected harvest date, and a map of the location.

Growers must also submit a Post-Harvest Report to the Department. The report includes grower details, license number, harvest date, and each lot’s independent date of harvest.

Additionally, the Department orders a destruction report’s submission within 48 hours after receiving a failed crop test report. The report should include the method and date(s) of destruction for every lot, lot(s) name including license number and grower’s details. In the event of a voluntary destruction order, the grower shall notify the Department within seven days before destruction, indicating the main reason for hemp crop removal.

Iowa Hemp Sampling and Testing

IDALS schedules sampling appointment after pre-harvest report submission. A licensee must be present during sampling, while the activity shall be carried out by a Department-registered sampler.

Additionally, the Department’s laboratory is the only body authorized to analyze hemp crops in Iowa. The Department and will grant a Certificate of Analysis (COA) following the testing of compliant plants. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) deems acceptable THC levels at 0.3 percent or less on a dry-weight basis. The farmer may begin harvesting and transporting hemp after receiving compliant COA results. However, plants with more than 0.3% THC are non-compliant with USDA hemp regulations. As such, plants with excessive THC levels require prompt destruction.

Buy Iowa Feminized Hemp Seeds

Iowa feminized hemp seeds are the most surefire purchase growers can make. Purchasing feminized CBD seeds ensures every crop will produce high levels of both cannabinoids and terpenes. Unlike other types of hemp farming *fiber, grain, or seed), feminized seeds ensure increased output, high-quality products, and tremendous return on investment. Individuals who want to grow hemp in Iowa can get hemp seeds from the Department or permitted agricultural and vegetable seed companies.

Hemp Transportation

Finally, a producer should carry a crop inspection certificate covering the hemp harvested during hemp transportation. The state also recommends hemp transporters carry a lading bill with all applicable information any time they move hemp.

Visit Iowa’s Hemp Program website for more about how to grow hemp in Iowa or contact us to learn how we can help.

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