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Trinity is a premium feminized smokable hemp strain that forms large, tasty, CBD-rich buds that will delight any hemp user. Its quick flowering time, large yield, and hardy growth make Trinity an ideal choice for commercial hemp farmers.

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Hemp Buds Growing

Trinity Hemp Strain

Trinity is a true workhorse strain, producing heavy yields of top-shelf smokable hemp buds that are packed with terpenes and cannabinoids. This robust, Sativa-dominant hybrid of Grizzly and Super CBD thrives in spite of pests and environmental stressors, making it an ideal variety for outdoor hemp cultivation.

A top-performing strain, Trinity reliably produces large, frosty flowers that are rich in CBD and low in THC, making this variety suitable for both biomass and smokable flower production. With its unique terpene profile, hardy growth, and copious yield, this strain is sure to please hemp farmers and smokers alike.

Trinity Strain Origin

The Trinity hemp strain was originally bred by True South Seeds, a group of highly experienced hemp farmers based in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. The breeders created Trinity by crossing Trinity and Super CBD—two premium strains that are known to produce high-quality hemp buds.

Grizzly Strain

Grizzly, the mother of Trinity, is a popular cultivar that has earned a reputation among hemp farmers for its high CBD content, vigorous growth, and generous yield. This Sativa-dominant hybrid of Super CBD and Nightingale is capable of producing an average of 0.3 percent THC, making it a great selection for licensed U.S. hemp farmers. What’s more, it yields up to 11 percent CBD, making it perfect for producing smokable hemp buds, extracts, and CBD isolates.

Super CBD Strain

Super CBD, the other parent of Trinity, is a renowned industrial hemp variety known for its exceptional CBD content. The Super CBD strain was created in Israel, where extensive medical cannabis research has been conducted for decades. Super CBD has quickly become popular among hemp farmers and medical users since its introduction in the United States.

Trinity Hemp Strain Lineage


The Grizzly hemp strain is a cross of Super CBD and Nightingale—two of the finest CBD-rich hemp cultivars on the market. Nightingale, Grizzly’s parent, is a hybrid of Oldberry and CD-1. Because the Nightingale strain is a cross between high- and low-THC strains, its cannabinoid profile varies depending on the phenotype.

Super CBD

Trinity’s other parent, Super CBD, is a popular hemp cultivar with an unknown pedigree. Given its tall stature and stretchy stalks, this variety is likely a descendant of Sativa hemp strains. Its rich fragrance of fine wood and pine sap is reminiscent of classic Mexican Sativa varieties.

Trinity Hemp Flowers

Trinity unities Grizzly and Super CBD to create an elite feminized hemp hybrid with highly desirable qualities. This strain produces an average of more than seven percent CBD and 0.2 percent THC, making it ideal for producing CBD-rich products. Trinity’s quick flowering time, large yield, and resilient growth are sure to satisfy commercial hemp farmers.

Qualities of Trinity

Aroma & Flavor

Grizzly, Trinity’s mother, is rich in terpenes, delivering a pleasant flavor profile that is earthy and musky. This variety smells distinctly of pine, damp soil, and spices, with hints of citrus.

Super CBD, in turn, is known for its robust fragrance of sandalwood and pine, with undertones of eucalyptus. Given its mellow but delightful aroma, this strain is excellent for creating CBD-rich edibles.

Trinity takes after its mother, emitting a complex fragrance of cinnamon and citrus, with earthy and herbal undertones. Hemp smokers love this strain’s unique terpene profile that is both sweet and spicy.


Due to its low THC and high CBD content, the Trinity hemp strain delivers a clear-headed effect that is both uplifting and soothing. This Sativa-dominant variety is reported to elevate the mood, boost energy levels, and stimulate creativity, making it a great choice any time of day. This strain is ideal for medical and recreational users seeking relief from pain, fatigue, and stress while remaining alert and functional.


Like most Sativa-dominant strains, Trinity is medium to tall in height, with elongated node spacing. This strain produces giant, uniform colas that comprise large, fluffy, and frosty hemp flowers. The buds are lime-green in color, with vibrant orange pistils and swollen calyxes. This strain’s leaves may display hues of purple when exposed to cold temperatures.

Growing Trinity

One of Trinity’s most notable qualities is its hardy and vigorous growth. This strain shows excellent resistance to pests and diseases, and can withstand many environmental stressors. Its elongated bud structure and internodal spacing make this strain suitable for a variety of environments, including hot and humid areas.

Trinity tends to start the flowering cycle when exposed to less than 13 hours and 47 minutes of daylight. Although it is a Sativa-dominant strain, Trinity completes the flowering period within eight to nine weeks, rewarding farmers with a large yield of top-shelf hemp buds.

Due to its unique cinnamon flavor profile, the Trinity strain shows excellent resistance to a variety of hemp pests. Its large, fluffy buds are also resistant to common fungal diseases such as botrytis (bud rot).

Buy Trinity Feminized Hemp Seeds

The Trinity strain is a premium cultivar that is capable of producing grade-A hemp flowers in a wide variety of environments. This hybrid of Grizzly and Super CBD offers a large yield, rapid flowering time, and excellent resistance to pests and diseases. Hemp smokers cherish its unique terpene profile and rich CBD content. With its thick stalks and enormous colas, this strain is perfect for biomass and hemp flower production.

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2 reviews for Trinity

  1. Dale Keith (verified owner)

    The trininty were my absolute favorite to start with but once the algae got ahold of them they did not make as strong of come back compared to others.

  2. PETER CASTURAO (verified owner)

    still growing, 50/50 germination. advertised 90+=

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