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Unfortunately, hemp seeds are currently restricted in South Dakota. We’ll update our South Dakota feminized hemp seed selection as soon as we are able. 

It is still illegal to grow hemp in South Dakota. Governor Kristi Noem had been reluctant to proceed with hemp plan proposals due to insufficient federal guidelines. Be that as it may, she has been working closely with local lawmakers and officials to see that a sufficient plan passes in 2020.

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture finalized their hemp program plan in June 2020, which is currently awaiting approval.

Delays in Hemp Program Approval

The 2018 Farm Bill removed CBD from the Scheduled Substance list and legalized hemp for commercial purposes. Despite these changes to federal hemp law, Gov. Kristi Noem held strong reservations against hemp cultivation in the state. She believed there was an insufficient protocol, thus jeopardizing the ability of law enforcement to control illegal marijuana activity.

Noem outlined a list of questions she believed necessitated answers before she was willing to sign any hemp proposal for the state. There was also major disagreement about whether or not to allow CBD products in the hemp program. Whereas some favored a textile-only hemp program, others feared there would be a “huge pushback” if they omitted hemp-derived CBD from the bill.

Emergency Hemp Rules

Noem finally agreed to sign the state’s hemp bill last January because it included specific provisions regarding regulation, enforcement, transportation, and funding. Specifically, the state will require licensing for all key industry participants. It also grants DOA staff permission to enter registered hemp areas to confirm compliance through testing and inspection.

The proposed bill also allows law enforcement officials to inspect hemp in transit and outlines other transportation guidelines, as well. Finally, the bill gives the DOA authority to collect registration and sampling fees to help maintain hemp funding in South Dakota.

On March 30, 2020, Gov. Noem signed the proposed hemp program bill, including an emergency clause, to get the ball rolling during the 2020 growing season. Though there will likely be no hemp production in 2020, Noem hopes the emergency clause will allow processors to establish the land area and procure the equipment necessary for hemp processing in 2021.

Moreover, this extra time should allow the South Dakota Hemp Association to develop and share a hemp knowledgebase with SD hemp farmers and hopefuls.

Numerous Pending Hemp Plans in SD

South Dakota’s hemp farming plan is only one of many hemp plans pending approval in the state. Many Native American reservations have also submitted plans and are awaiting their approval, as well. Some of the more prominent reservations with pending hemp plans include Flandreau Santee, Sisseton Wahpeton, and Pine Ridge.

The USDA formally announced last year that reservations need not operate under a state hemp plan. Instead, they could submit their own plan for USDA consideration. As such, there may be many approved hemp plans in South Dakota in 2021 as representatives eagerly await their approval.

South Dakota Hemp Farming in 2021

Those who wish to grow hemp in South Dakota may take small steps now to expedite the registration process in 2021. For example, we know that the hemp program will require geographical information about any land involved in hemp farming or processing. Additionally, if approved as-is, the program will require growers to secure no less than five contiguous acres of land on which to grow hemp in South Dakota. Hemp hopefuls should spend this time acquiring property and hemp farming equipment.

South Dakota also only has one registered hemp seed dealer, one equipment manufacturer, and two processors. The state hopes to increase these numbers throughout 2020, so it can successfully launch their 2021 hemp program.

Fortuna is eager to join South Dakota hemp farmers in their pursuit of hemp fortune. We keep close track of changing legislation and work hard to ensure our products are compliant with state and federal laws. Check back often to learn more about South Dakota’s hemp laws or contact us to hear how we can help.

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