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Hemp storage tips are essential to every farmer and consumer to maintain product quality. Various storage techniques are subject to change now that the herb is legal in the US, and more farmers are cultivating it. However, there are some surefire storage tips and methods to ensure hemp meets the strict quality requirements for safer and healthier products. With high demand for hemp, factors that fall into place after its harvest are more significant than ever before.

Importance of Proper Hemp Storage

Proper storage is essential for hemp quality preservation as it helps maintain the purity and potency of fragile compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. To increase hemp proguct longevity, farmers should store hemp flower in areas with regulated temperature, light, humidity, and hygiene.

Hemp Storage Tips to Help Farmers Prepare Accordingly

Pick the Right Container

The type of container used to store hemp flowers plays a considerable role in buds’ potency and quality. Growers should never use plastic bags, which encourage sweating and potentially mold or mildew growth. Instead of plastic bags, growers should invest in UV-blocking glass jars or mason jars or mylar bags.

Also, the size of the container comes into play when storing hemp. An over-sized jar for just a small amount of CBD hemp buds may trap excess oxygen, whereas crowding the flowers increases the chances of humidity within a container. The best solution is to fill an appropriate-sized container about three-quarters full of hemp flowers.

Cure Before Storage

Growers must dry and cure newly harvested hemp efficiently before storage. Combining proper curing and storage methods is vital to ensure hemp preservation until its consumption or usage. Proper curing needs vacuum containers or airtight glass jars.

The hemp curing process usually takes approximately two weeks to six months. Though this step requires ample patience, it will extend hemp shelf life up to two years and will improve its taste and efficacy, as well.

Maintain a Proper Temperature

High temperatures can cause hemp buds to dry out and terpenes to evaporate, leading to harsh smoke with an unpleasant flavor. Ideally, among the most effective hemp storage tips is to store it in a cool, dark place under 70 degrees. Temperatures above 70 degrees are subject to mold and mildew growth.

Most people advise against using a refrigerator to store hemp because of its high moisture content. Others avoid the freezer because freezing temperatures may cause the fragile trichomes to burst & lose potency. Consequently, a closet in a dark corner or basement may simply be the ideal place to store hemp.

Control Moisture Levels

Mold likes moisture. To avoid it, farmers must keep their buds as dry as possible. Too much humidity can excite bacteria and mold growth. On the other hand, hemp that is too dry can lose its value. As such, it’s vital to enhance proper humidity levels (between 59 and 63 RH) for long-term storage.

Using humidity control options like Evergreen Pods are among the best and cheapest ways to ensure proper moisture control. Evergreen Pod keeps hemp flower at ideal humidity levels for stellar flavor and potency.

Protect from Light

Harmful UV rays degrade organic hemp. To prevent loss of essential terpenes and other cannabinoids, farmers should store their hemp in dark places or opaque glass jars away from a direct source of light. Besides, sunlight can make the container “sweat” from the inside, putting the stash at risk for mold growth.

Provide Adequate Oxygen

Growers must provide adequate oxygen levels for proper hemp storage. Insufficient oxygen levels can alter humidity, promoting mold growth. Alternatively, too much oxygen can accelerate the degradation process. For long-term storage, vacuum sealing or using airtight glass jars is the best way to protect hemp from oxygen exposure.

Store Different Varfieties Separately

Farmers should store different hemp cultivars in separate containers. Every CBD hemp strain has its unique characteristics, and the most pleasing way to maintain that uniqueness is by storing them individually.

Likewise, other cannabis products like lighters, pipes, should be kept separate from hemp flowers. Such things could cause absorption of stench into the hemp, resulting in less-than-enjoyable experience.

Please note: farmers should not use tobacco humidor made of wood because the oil from wood may absorb into the buds and affect their flavor.

Final Thoughts on Hemp Storage Tips

Hemp storage tips should prolong shelf life as well as maintain quality efficiently. At Fortuna, we offer high-quality feminized hemp seeds and consultation services.

Contact us to place your order today.

Do you have tips for proper hemp storage? Share them in the comment section below.

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