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T1 hemp is a sturdy line of highly compliant Trump hemp genetics. Known for its high yield; huge, resinous flowers; and extremely pronounced CBD:THC ratios (often clocking in at around 30:1 CBD:THC), T1 makes a perfect feminized CBD hemp strain as well as an ideal cross-breeding partner.

T1 Lineage: The Wife X Afghan Skunk

T1 hails from parents Afghan Skunk and the Wife. Indeed, these notoriously strong genetics lend their best qualities to the T1 hemp strain.

Afghan Skunk, a product of the pure indica strain, Afghani, and super stable Skunk genes, is one of the most classic cannabis strains still in production. The durability of its Skunk genes coupled with the thick, dense growth of its Afghani parent makes Afghan Skunk a favorite among first-time growers. Due to its dominant indica lineage, strains born from Afghan Skunk tend to be very sedative and therapeutic.

The Wife, known for its incredibly high CBD-to-THC ratio, boasts all of the benefits of any solid CBD hemp flower. Its fresh cherry flavor, coupled with the powerful soothing properties of cannabidiol makes the Wife hemp strain perfect for the targeted relief of many conditions, including pain, nausea, migraines, and the side effects of chemotherapy.

T1 Hemp Grow Patterns

T1 grows quickly, forming a short, dense bush. From seed to harvest, this weather-resistant strain takes about 75 days to reach maturity and is usually ready to harvest outdoors in late September.

Spaced about five feet apart, T1 hemp plants perform well against extreme weather conditions, including high heat, strong winds, and the occasional drought.

Most T1 hemp plants produce bright orange pistils, or hairs, as the strain reaches maturity. We suggest testing crops at the first sign of pistil coloration, usually around four to five weeks into the flower cycle. Bear in mind that T1 can witness THC spikes late in the season, especially when subject to prolonged stressful conditions, so monitor THC levels closely and aim to harvest within a few weeks of THC detection.

T1 Hemp Uses and Applications

T1 hemp flowers emit a powerful aroma of citrus and fruit, which makes the strain especially appealing to purchasers and consumers. Though prime for extraction due to a copious amount of oily trichomes, its large, dense flowers and it’s robust flavors and aromas mean that T1 sells well as a smokeable hemp flower, as well. Whether sold marketed as pre-rolled hemp cigarettes or sole as while, cured flowers, the quality of this potent hemp strain is nearly impossible to ignore.

Those who have consumed T1 report powerful calming sensations within minutes of smoking this hemp strain. Likely due to the dense packing of sticky, cannabinoid- and terpene-rich trichomes, T1 is a strain best used by experienced consumers or those in need of powerful pain relief and a calm mind. Effects may last for many hours depending on the strength of T1 products as well as the consumption method.

Final Thoughts

T1 is a popular hemp seed variety perfect for any number of ailments and growing environments. Whether a grower or a consumer, you’ll surely be pleased with T1 hemp seeds. Contact us to learn more.

Have you tried T1 or T2? Share your experience in the comment section below.


  1. TegridyFarmer
    April 29, 2020 at 1:01 pm

    I actually grew two plants indoors. 9-10 weeks was ideal flower range for those milk trichomes with a dash of amber. Harvested some at week 8 of flower for a nice stimulate effect. This flower is very aerobatic and has a cherry like smell.

  2. Keen Rostova
    June 25, 2020 at 9:59 am

    This kind of hemp seeds are indeed amazing. I witnessed it myself.

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