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Best CBD Strains – The best CBD strains are gaining popularity among farmers and natural health enthusiasts. There is a long list of strains that are high in Cannabidiol (CBD). After the federal government legalized hemp-based CBD, more and more people have become interested in non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

Cannabidiol is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. It offers relaxing non-intoxicating effects perfect for recreational and medicinal use. The low levels of THC make it an excellent choice for medical patients who need to treat general body discomfort, lack of appetite, stress, sleeplessness, and muscle spasms while keeping a clear head.

Best CBD Strains


Merlot is an Indica-dominant hemp variety with moderate CBD levels averaging about 11 percent. It offers an exceptionally smooth smoke and distinct fruity, alcohol flavor.  Its terpene profile is reminiscent of a freshly opened can of tennis balls and orange peel with rich chocolate and cherries jubilee undertones.  It has a relaxing effect and elevates the mood of the user.

Its parents are the Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom, both known for their distinct berry flavors and mild yet noticeable effects. Merlot offers the best of both worlds, including a fruity and earthy aroma that radiates from its thick resinous coating on the dense, bright green buds.

This strain grows and flowers quickly. It is a small variety and rarely grows more than four feet tall. Its short and stocky stature allows it to withstand strong winds and occasional drastic temperature change. The small size does not, however, affect the yields. They can yield between 2500 and 3500 pounds per acre of dry plant material. It is easy to farm and is a vigorous grower.

Berry Blossom

Berry Blossom is a boutique-quality strain that is a cross between Chardonnay and Cherry Kandahar S1. Its reliably low THC levels make it one of the best CBD strains. This strain has sedative and calming effects but doesn’t couch lock a user. As such, this cultivar grants consumers enough clarity of mind to support slow and steady productivity.

Notably, Berry Blossom gives users a light and airy feeling, after which they can enjoy a subtle lightness that can support calm wakefulness or deep slumber.

Berry Blossom’s buds are light green with purple hues and a floral, candied raspberries flavor. The terpene profile is also robust and includes myrcene, humulene, and caryophyllene. Myrcene reduces stress and inflammation, while humulene works as an appetite suppressant. Berry Blossom has a profoundly relaxing effect and is an excellent choice for evening use.

It has a long flowering cycle giving farmers more time to test their crops in preparation for harvest. The strain is easy to farm and has high resiliency making it suitable for all experience levels.


Titan is an in-bred strain that yields an exceptional amount of biomass. It comes from two Spectrum strains with outstanding traits giving Titan its vigor and biomass yield. Moreover, the strain has exceptionally low THC levels rendering it compliant in most areas.

Titan features aromas that are fruity and floral with unique spicy undertones. It is perfect for daytime use and offers a balance of focus and relaxation to help users complete their daily tasks.

Titan is pest resistant and is resilient to harsh weather like heat and aridness and can do well in hotter, dryer climates with less temperature stability. Importantly, the strain can withstand late planting and experiences vegetative growth for up to six weeks and flowers for about eight weeks. It produces a lot of resins, which makes it great for those looking for biomass extraction.


T2 strains were developed in Northern Oregon by crossing a Trump strain with another Trump strain (Trump X Trump). Crossing two Trump strains solidifies its best characteristics and omits the less favorable ones.  It has between 11 to 16 percent CBD content.

A T2 bud is deep purple and dark green and is large and dense. The buds develop a thick coat of crystal-like sticky trichomes and orange hairs. T2 has a sweet and fruity grape with citrusy undertones. Both the woody and fruity terpenes give a clear-headed stimulating experience, while the earthy aroma gives it a smooth smoke.

T2 is ideal for outdoor growing because of its resilience to harsh weather conditions.  It does well in both sandy and clay soil and can withstand drastic temperature changes, unlike other hemp strains. It takes about eight to ten weeks to reach maturity and grows best when spaced about 4.5 feet apart.


BaOx descends from the Hindu Kush and Otto II strains. The Hindu Kush gives BaOx its short and bushy stature making it ideal for indoor cultivation facilities. However, outdoor growers also prefer this strain because it can withstand harsh weather thanks to its Hindu Kush genetics. It gets vigorous growth from its other parent Otto II.

This strain has a fresh, heavily aromatic scent and a green apple flavor, and a short, compact structure. The bud is densely green and has sticky, resinous trichomes deep within the foliage.  It produces fragrant flowers that radiate pine and musk perfumes when grown indoors, as the controlled environment encourages the plant to yield a lot of terpenes and cannabinoids. This best CBD strain has a very relaxing effect. It has a unique terpene profile, including caryophyllene, which has uplifting and myrcene with sedating effects. BaOx has a dense concentration of CBD that is usually between nine to 14 percent and is ideal for both day and night use.

BaOx hemp plants are very resilient, although it tends to develop THC when under stress. As such, it is best to grow BaOx indoors in a controlled environment. It is a fast-growing plant and is ready for harvest after 75 days when grown indoors. We recommend testing BaOX buds three to five weeks before harvest to control THC levels.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine descends from The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries and has a CBD content of 15 to 20 percent. It has a fruity floral taste with earthy bynotes and a terpene profile reminiscent of green apples. However, some users can also pick hints of black pepper and cheese. It leaves users feeling relaxed, euphoric, and uplifted. Buds are small and dense with peach colored pistils and a dash of trichomes.

The Cherry Wine hemp strain does well in organic and alkaline soil. This cultivar does not need pesticides and chemical additives and prefers high heat and ample sun exposure. When content with its environment, it grows up to five feet tall. The strain is suitable for all growers in different regions and of varying experience levels.

Hillbilly Hash

Hillbilly Hash descends from Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom. It gets its growing vigor from Berry Blossom and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Buds are small to medium and dense and are pink or pale green with purple undertones. It has flavors of fruits and berries and ultra-sweet cherry scents. The high resin development makes Hillbilly Hash suitable for CBD extraction.

The cultivar can grow to around five feet tall and flowers within seven to nine weeks. It does well both outdoors and indoors, though it performs best in controlled environments.

Cherry Trump

Cherry Trump has 20 percent CBD content, higher than many CBD strains in the market. It produces very low THC levels, making it a highly compliant crop throughout much of the US. The descendant of Trump 1 and Cherry Wine is a potent strain with a skunky aroma.

Cherry Trump does well in indoor and outdoor setups and performs best when spaced at least four feet from each other. Female plants reach a height of four feet and mature fully at around eight weeks into flowering. The yield per acre is about 2000 pounds.

Suver Haze

One of the best CBD strains, Suver Haze, is a Sativa-dominant strain with a robust flavor profile comprising hints of musk and orange peels. It has an earthy aroma reminiscent of a forest floor following heavy rain. This strain was developed in Southern Oregon by crossing Suver 8 and Early Resin Berry.

Suver Haze buds are small and fluffy with many pungent trichomes. The firey pistils contrast with the bright green buds giving it an irresistible look. Many users claim that Suver Haze calms the body and the mind, thereby making it suitable for both day and night use. It has an uplifting effect, and users can use it to manage stress. The high CBD content means it can reduce inflammation and ease general body discomfort.

It requires ample space to grow as it can grow up to six feet tall and wide. Although its buds are small, Suver Haze has an excellent output, and farmers can harvest more than a pound per plant. It is resilient to pests and mold and can tolerate fluctuating weather conditions. It is best grown outdoors.

Cherry HD

The Cherry HD hemp strain grows large, dense plants with thick canopies in a short time. It is resilient to different environmental stressors and can be grown closely spaced to increase yields regardless of field location and planting times.

Cherry HD produces beautiful dense buds with large amounts of trichomes. This fruity variety is a cross between Colorado Cherry and BaOx and boasts sweet, musky scents with hints of skunk. It is a fast-growing strain and has an impressive yield.

This CBD strain produces heavy colas with dense resin throughout the fragrant flower, and is generally ready to harvest in less than eight weeks. Moreover, Cherry HD produces high terpene levels and a diverse cannabinoid profile. Cherry HD is a potent hemp variety with a cannabidiol content of 10 percent and less than 0.3 percent THC. It also produces up to two percent or more of CBC.

This strain relaxes users and eases full-body discomfort without any intoxication. It also improves focus. Notably, the strain’s flavor profile works synergistically with its cannabinoid profile to reduce stress and body discomfort. It is great for extraction and smokable hemp flower because of its generous dusting of trichomes. Its terpene profile includes C-Myrcene, B-Pinene, Limonene, Humulene, and B-Caryophyllene.

Cherry Blossom

This strain is a cross between Cherry Wine and The Wife and has a musky pine-scented aroma with a palate of fresh earth and sweet berries. It is ultra-relaxing, calms the user, and eases general body discomfort.

Cherry Blossom’s buds are bright green, dense, large, and rich in resin. It has high resin and CBD content and low THC levels. Though it is great for use in pipes and hemp cigarettes, the highly resinous nature of Cherry Blossom also makes it excellent for cannabinoid extraction.

It has a harvest time of around eight or nine weeks. Growers can test for potency to determine when to harvest. They can also check when the trichomes on the buds begin to cloud. The growers should harvest before the trichomes turn to an amber color.

Cherry Blossom plants are resilient to stress and unpredictable weather, which entices commercial hemp farmers. They can do well with high winds and tight spaces, although they thrive when given enough space. They can produce 2000 to 2500 pounds of harvest per acre.

Super Rich 1

Super Rich 1 (a.k.a. SR1) descended from Suzy Q and Richness courtesy of Med Tree Seeds. With around 21 percent CBD content, Super Rich 1 has high amounts of resin and great oil return. SR1 has sweet and tangy flavors of lemon and gelato.

It does well outdoors. It does well in warm, humid, and drier climates. This strain did not get any mold or fungus for eight weeks under 100 percent humidity and temperatures reaching 110 degrees in all field tests.

The Wife

The Wife is one of the best CBD strains available. It has around 20 percent CBD content and offers a smooth smoke with earthy and berry flavors and cherry banana flavors. When smoked, it eases a user into a calm, focused state.

The bright green buds are dense and small with near gold pistils. The dense trichome cover produces a copious resin that is potent, thick, and syrupy.

Users report that the Wife gives them an energy boost, euphoria, and acute focus. Consequently, it is best for winding down after a long, exhausting day. This strain might help with inflammation, restlessness, and nausea, and muscle spasms.

The Wife takes eight weeks to flower and is usually ready to harvest in early or mid-October. It performs well both indoors and outdoors, though its terpene and CBD potency depend on proper climate control and harvest technique.


C4 has a sweet and earthy aroma that accompanies a pine and citrusy flavor. The deeply relaxing and uplifting effects penetrate the body quickly when smoked to induce relaxation, improve mood, and provide an overall sense of wellbeing. It also creates a sense of euphoria and contentment and has a delightful aftertaste comparable to a refreshing lemon sorbet.

C4’s parents are Cotton Candy and Shishkaberry. The parents have sweet aromas, and C4 introduces its own earthy aroma. It has small buds that are soft green with orange pistils. The strain gets its super relaxing and uplifting effects from its parents.

Cotton Candy, also known as Kush, gained its name thanks to its soft and fluffy appearance, candied scent, and intense sweet berry-like flavor. It is relaxing while leaving people a little giddy. Shishkaberry, also called Kish, has a fruity berry-like aroma. It has a happy-inducing vibe that slips into a lazy experience.

Notably, C4 is exceptionally resilient to pests and mold. The strain flowers early, which makes it suitable for states with shorter flowering seasons. C4 produces high yields and resins and has a harvest time of only seven to eight weeks. They do well indoors or outdoors and does not demand great care.

Final Thoughts on Best CBD Strains

Most people tolerate CBD well because it produces little to no side effects. Other cannabinoids and terpenes from CBD strains work together to produce an entourage effect for more profound results.

Contact us today to learn more about the best CBD strains or view our selection of high-quality CBD hemp seeds.

What are your favorite CBD strains? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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