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Cannabinoid Content Is Everything

Cannabinoid content plays a significant role in producing high-quality hemp varieties. Studies show that over the past few decades, cannabinoid content has shifted drastically as THC-rich types have taken over. All while CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids have slowly seen percentages drop. Today, high-quality cannabinoid-rich varieties with low or no THC content have become rare. This scarcity has become a higher topic of interest, and we have begun to experience a shift in the demand for non-psychoactive cannabinoid-rich varieties. As we continue to discover the possibilities hemp brings, the need for quality no-THC seeds will proceed to rise. Feminized Hemp Seeds are proven to bridge those gaps in your farm and your pocket. Or even better, American hemp seeds.

Hemp Plants


When we think about Hemp and the mighty flowers many strains produce, we often forget that it’s not just the fibrous plant material that makes medicine. Marijuana plants contain equally important molecules called cannabinoids. The number of cannabinoids in a specific variety can play a significant role in efficiency and profit. Cannabinoid-rich genetics provide high quantities of CBD in smaller areas when compared to other genetics with less cannabinoid content.



There are 104 currently identified cannabinoids derived from cannabis and hemp. The most well-known and understood cannabinoids are THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG. Each of these cannabinoids has been shown to help numerous ailments like stimulating appetite, reducing stress and PTSD, aiding in a good night’s rest, and reducing nausea. Cannabinoids can help fight Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer cells, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Tourette’s, Bipolar, Crohn’s, Gastrointestinal disorders, and many more symptoms. The most well know of all the benefits to cannabinoids was the result of a brave little girl named Charlotte Figi. Charlotte used CBD to battle epileptic seizures she had been having since she was just a few months old. With the use of CBD oil, Charlotte’s seizures went from hundreds a week to zero. This truly remarkable and almost unbelievable story propelled the possibilities for Cannabinoids around the world. As the story spread, more and more people began to try CBD and discover the ways the Cannabinoid could help them in their daily lives.

CBD Content & Phenotypes


Cannabinoid content plays a significant part in the rising value of market prices. As new genetics are released and new phenotypes discovered, many new Hemp varieties appear to the eye like high-quality cannabis. These new phenotypes are driving demand for high-quality CBD products. CBD flower is selling for $200 to $1000 per pound. CBD isolate currently ranges in price from $2800 to $4000 per kilogram. As more and more competition enters the market, it is vital to not only have genetics rich in cannabinoid content. It is also important to have stable, hearty genetics producing female offspring. By growing feminized hemp seeds, farms can save time and money by not having to cull male plants. Culling male hemp plants reduces the cannabinoid yield per acre and reduces the overall value of your crop.

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