Indiana Hemp Seeds

Indiana Hemp Seeds

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CBD Hemp Seeds For Growing In Indiana

It is legal to grow hemp in Indiana under strict guidelines. First and foremost, anyone wishing to grow, process, or handle hemp must gain proper licensing. Indiana considers hemp produced without a license to be marijuana rendering it illegal in the state.

Get Licensed to Grow Hemp in Indiana

There are currently three different types of hemp licensing in Indiana: Grower, Processor, and Researcher licenses. In time, the Researcher license will go away, leaving only Grower and Processor hemp licenses in the state.

Those who wish to apply for a Hemp Grower or Processor License in Indiana must submit a virtual form using a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If the virtual “submit” button fails, applicants can submit the form to [email protected] instead.

In addition to the grower/processor application, registrants must also submit a criminal background check. The goal of the background check is to confirm that no key participants have any drug-related felonies or misdemeanors within the last ten years. Note that employees who work under a registered hemp grower or processor likely do not require a background check. Only those responsible for activity conducted under a hemp license need to have a clean criminal history.

The application must also include a detailed list of all areas in which the hemp will grow or process. Precise GPS coordinates are also mandatory for each location. Hemp grown in an area not registered with the state is, by default, “marijuana” and, therefore, illegal in Indiana.

In some cases, farmers may receive a request to cultivate hemp on behalf of another person or entity. Many consider Indiana to be one of the best states in which to grow hemp. As such, many who hold licenses may seek to outsource land and labor. It is the responsibility of the farmer to ensure that contracting companies have valid Indiana hemp licenses. Note that many companies contracting hemp farmers in Indiana are not licensed. As mentioned, growing hemp without proper licensing is illegal, which could leave unsuspecting farmers duped into growing federally illegal marijuana, instead.

Mandatory Hemp Reporting

Growing hemp in Indiana requires precise reporting throughout the year. For example, registrants must report any changes to drying or processing sites online with the Drying and Processing Site Changes Form. Additionally, they must virtually submit a Hemp Grow Site Changes Form if the growing location changes or alters. Remember, any hemp that grows or processes outside of approved areas is marijuana and subject to federal penalties.

Additionally, growers must virtually submit the Post-Harvest, Termination and/or Destruction Report following the harvest or destruction of hemp plants. The form helps Indiana officials document precisely how much hemp enters into commerce and how much gets destroyed for noncompliance.

Indiana Hemp Sampling and Testing

Indiana requires mandatory sampling of all hemp crops in the state to confirm THC compliance. The state uses surveillance testing to pull random samples of flowers of each hemp variety. Laboratory officials use gas chromatography to measure the THC concentrations of dried hemp flowers. Whereas compliant hemp must contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis, “hot” (non-compliant) hemp plants will contain more. Hot crops may be eligible for re-testing. However, farmers must destroy non-compliant hemp plants to block them from entering commerce.

Buy Indiana Feminized CBD seeds

The Office of Indiana State Chemist (OISC) does not distribute hemp seeds in Indiana. As such, growers must source hemp seeds from out-of-state vendors. The state does, however, require specific seed labeling practices and mandates seed quality using a series of quality assurance tests. For example, seed vendors must confirm germination rates meet or exceed standards. The state further requires germination re-testing every 15 months.

Those who wish to grow hemp for CBD must ensure that they only purchase female hemp seeds. Female plants produce flowers but do not produce pollen. Should female hemp plants become pollinated, their CBD production will diminish significantly. Therefore, farmers should only grow feminized CBD seeds and consult surrounding farmers to determine if they are doing the same. Note that if any male hemp plants develop in surrounding areas, they may pollinate female plants, thus dropping biomass quality. The state strongly encourages CBD hemp farmers to discuss this with neighbors to determine if there is a risk of cross-pollination in the area.

Visit Indiana’s Hemp Program website to learn more or contact us to hear how we can help.

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New London Gold (CBG)

New London Gold is a feminized hemp strain that offers a treasure trove of dense, frosty buds that are rich in CBG. New London Gold is the culmination of many years of selective hemp breeding. New London Gold reliably produces generous yields of that will please any hemp smoker.


Titan is a hemp strain with mighty in-bred lineage. Crossing two types of the Spectrum hemp strain leads to a resilient plant that can thrive in almost any condition. Titan hemp seeds are perfect for businesses that earn their keep with extraction. Titan yields an exceptional amount of biomass.

Cherry Bubblegum

Cherry Bubblegum is a versatile CBD hemp strain that produces large, flavorful buds and a substantial amount of resinous trichomes. Thick colas develop throughout its long growing season, thus significantly increasing the biomass of a single harvest. Those who plant seeds early in the season will reap tremendous rewards come harvest in late September to early October.


Merlot hemp flower is a beautiful, indica-dominant strain with moderately high CBD levels averaging at about 11 percent. Known for its smooth smoke and distinct fruity, alcohol flavor, Merlot is a popular choice among consumers who want a relaxing nightcap without any calories.

Berry Blossom

Berry Blossom is an easy-to-grow hemp variety with boutique-style qualities. It produces thick, terpene-rich flowers throughout its extended grow period. The bright green and pink colas radiate with a powerful perfume of fruit and berries.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is a careful cross between The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. It is a particularly sweet strain with abundant growth and resin development. It’s CBD content ranges from 15 to 20 percent and its THC levels average about .25 percent.


Grizzly is a potent and aromatic feminized hemp cultivar that reliably produces high-quality smokable hemp flowers. This Sativa-dominant strain is a hybrid of Super CBD and Nightingale.


BaOX is a popular hemp strain with lineage direct from the Hindu Kush mountain range. As such, this potent strain leans heavily indica, as evident in her growing patterns and heavy dusting of cannabinoid-rich trichomes. BaOX hemp seeds grow to produce massive colas with a kaleidoscope of deep green and purple colors. Her perfume is rich, filled with sweet pine musk and her flavor is reminiscent of incense and herbs.

Cherry Trump

Cherry Trump is a sweet addition to the Fortuna collection. She produces bold, flavorful buds that reak of skunk and cherry, and drip with potent trichomes. Known to produce flowers with more than 20 percent CBD content, this high CBD hemp strain is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

The Wife

The Wife is a premium feminized hemp strain that growers and users can’t help but fall for. This Sativa-dominant smokable hemp variety is known for producing boutique-quality flowers that are low in THC, high in CBD, and loaded with terpenes.