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The Wife is a premium feminized hemp strain that growers and users can’t help but fall for. This Sativa-dominant smokable hemp variety is known for producing boutique-quality flowers that are low in THC, high in CBD, and loaded with terpenes.

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Hemp Buds Growing
The Wife Hemp Buds Growing

Spectrum x Wife

The Wife is a premium feminized hemp strain that growers and users can’t help but fall for. This Sativa-dominant smokable hemp variety is known for producing boutique-quality flowers that are low in THC, high in CBD, and loaded with terpenes.

As its name suggests, The Wife is a keeper for any hemp farmer. This easy-to-grow cultivar was bred for several generations to stabilize its CBD content, and optimize its structure, resin production, and yield. The Wife is a fast-flowering strain, producing a variety of phenotypes that are frosty, flavorful, and rich in CBD and other desirable hemp compounds. In view of The Wife’s high variation, as well as its germination rate of roughly 70 percent, Fortuna Hemp is offering The Wife at a lower price point than we charge for other hemp varieties. Regardless, this cultivar is sure to produce premium CBD-rich buds that any user will love.

The Wife Origin


Spectrum, the parent of The Wife, is a phenotype of Heartwood IBL, a potent hemp variety that was produced by Foundation Seeds, a well-known hemp breeder based in Colorado. Heartwood IBL was derived from a full-sibling mating of CBD-rich germplasm received from Spain in 2011. This cultivar was inbred for seven generations to stabilize its rich CBD content, robust structure, and stellar resin production. Spectrum boasts a total CBD content of more than 6 percent, and a total THC content of less than 0.3 percent.


Wife is the other parent of The Wife. Like Spectrum, Wife is a phenotype that was selected from the Heartwood IBL hemp strain by Foundation Seeds. The breeders performed recurrent selections based on plant architecture, chemotype expression, resin content, and female floral biomass yields for more than two years.

The Wife Lineage


Spectrum, one of the parents of The Wife, is a descendent of Heartwood IBL—a seventh-generation backcross originally developed in Spain. The lineage of Heartwood IBL is unknown but, because of its growth structure and cannabinoid content, the variety is believed to be a hybrid of high-CBD industrial hemp strains and tropical Sativa varieties commonly found in Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Wife, the other parent of The Wife, also is a descendant of the enigmatic Heartwood IBL hemp strain. Foundation Seeds crossed Spectrum and Wife, and then spent more than two years performing recurrent selections to optimize female floral biomass yield, plant structure, and resin production.

The Wife

The Wife is a feminized backcross of Spectrum and Wife. Hemp farmers prize feminized seeds because these seeds produce stable and reliable plants that are 99.9 percent female. Feminized seeds make the growing process simple by eliminating the need to identify and separate male hemp plants from the females.

Growers also value backcrossed seeds because the seeds tend to be highly uniform in growth, and can be used to create vigorous and hardy F1 hybrids. Although The Wife produces a variety of phenotypes, most tend to be high in CBD and rich in terpenes and flavonoids.

By crossing Spectrum and Wife, Foundation Seeds created The Wife—a Sativa-dominant variety that is consistently low in THC and high in CBD. The Wife contains an average of less than 0.3 percent THC, making it an excellent choice for licensed U.S. hemp farmers. This cultivar produces plants that contain as much as 18 percent CBD, with a THC-to-CBD ratio of between 25:1 and 45:1. This makes The Wife ideal for the production of smokable hemp flowers, hemp extracts, and CBD-isolate products. In addition, the long and thick stalks of this variety are great for fiber production.

Qualities of The Wife


Spectrum, one of the parents of The Wife, is a terpene-rich variety that produces highly aromatic buds. This select phenotype of Heartwood IBL offers a pungent and spicy aroma, with notes of soil, pine, mint, and citrus. Its savory aroma makes Spectrum a great addition to a spliff or other herbal smoking blend, but can be enjoyed on its own, as well.

Wife, the other parent of The Wife, offers a sweet and skunky bouquet that is cherished by medical and recreational users. This variety fills the room with the scents of berry and cherry, coupled with bitter notes of skunk and soil.

The Wife brings together the sweet-and-spicy aromas of both of its parents. This cultivar emits a powerful aroma of honey and fruit, with distinct notes of cheese and soil. Some Spectrum-dominant phenotypes may smell more of citrus and mint, and some Wife-dominant phenotypes may smell more of cherry and berry. Most plants will offer a blend of these delectable aromas.


The Wife brings together the rich flavors of both of its parents. This cultivar coats the palate with notes of cherry and berry, with undertones of damp soil. The smoke is smooth and lingers on the tongue for several minutes. Spectrum-dominant plants may offer a spicier and more herbal flavor, and Wife-dominant plants may be sweeter and fruitier. The Wife produces a variety of flavorful phenotypes.


Spectrum, one of the parents of The Wife, delivers a calming and clearheaded effect. Because of its low THC level, users report that Spectrum is nonintoxicating and does not impede one’s senses or mental alertness. Its relatively high CBD content may help reduce pain and tension in the body and calm the mind. Spectrum is a great choice for users who wish to remain focused and motivated.

Wife, the other parent of The Wife, is a potent Sativa-dominant phenotype. Like Spectrum, Wife is high in CBD and low in THC and delivers a relaxing but uplifting effect. Users report that this variety offers a mellow, body-numbing sensation that may provide relief from pain and stress. This cultivar makes for a great morning or afternoon smoke, but can be enjoyed at any time of day.

The Wife is low in THC and does not produce an intoxicating effect. This Sativa-dominant strain delivers a soothing and invigorating sensation that leaves users feeling calm and clearheaded. Medical and recreational users can enjoy this CBD-rich variety throughout the day because it does not inhibit the senses or produce undesirable effects such as paranoia or anxiety.


Spectrum, one of the parents of The Wife, is a Sativa-dominant cultivar that is of medium height. This variety forms long, thick branches that have significant internodal spacing. Spectrum has moderate lateral branching, and grows mostly vertically. Spectrum produces medium-size colas that are heavily dusted in trichomes.

Wife, the other parent of The Wife, also is of medium height, with long, thick branches and significant internodal spacing. The substantial length of the branches makes this a viable strain for fiber production. Wife forms medium-size colas, with frosty, lime-green buds that are of medium density.

Like its parents, The Wife is of medium height, and produces long, lanky branches, with moderate lateral branching. Some phenotypes may be somewhat taller, with wider internodal spacing, and others may be shorter and more compact. The Wife forms medium-size colas that are generously coated in resin. The bright-green buds are dense but fluffy, and are decorated with amber pistils, emerald sugar leaves, and a heavy blanket of milky trichomes.

Potential Medical Applications of The Wife

The Wife is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial hemp compounds. Some studies have indicated that these compounds may offer an array of therapeutic benefits. The Wife is particularly rich in CBD, a cannabinoid whose relaxing and nonintoxicating effects have made it popular among medical users. Consumers report that this strain may ease pain and stress, elevate the mood, and increase appetite. The Wife is an excellent choice for medical users who wish to ease pain and stress while remaining lucid and motivated.

Growing The Wife

Both Spectrum and Wife are hardy, easy-to-grow hemp varieties. The Wife also is easy to cultivate and, like its parents, produces healthy plants that grow vigorously. The Wife’s seeds offer a feminization rate of 99.9 percent, and a germination rate of 70 percent. Farmers can expect most seeds to produce potent, flavorful, and sexually stable female hemp plants. However, in view of The Wife’s high phenotypical variation and its germination rate of 70 percent, Fortuna Hemp is offering these seeds at a reduced price.

The Wife is resilient to most pests, diseases, and environmental stressors, and has proven to be adaptable to a wide variety of climates. Its adaptability makes it a great choice for indoor and outdoor cultivation. When grown outdoors, The Wife favors a temperate climate, with moderate humidity. This strain thrives in organic, slightly acidic soil but grows well in various growing mediums.

The Wife grows rapidly during the vegetative period and matures quickly during flowering, making it viable for late-season planting. This variety may begin flowering when exposed to 12 or fewer hours of daylight, and tends to reach maturity within 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. The Wife offers an average yield, but can produce more when provided with an extended vegetative growth period. Due to the weight of the buds, farmers may need to stake the plants to support the weight of their hefty colas.

Indoor Growing

Due to its medium height, The Wife can be cultivated indoors, as well as outdoors; however, when farmers grow The Wife indoors, they may need to train the plants to limit the stretch during the early flowering period. The Wife responds well to high-stress and low-stress training methods, such as topping, fimming, and super cropping. Training the plants will help to limit the vertical stretch, increase the lateral branching, and boost the yield.

Pest & Disease Control

The Wife is highly resilient to most pests and diseases. Its dense but fluffy bud structure makes it less prone to fungal infections than are other hemp strains. This trait makes The Wife a viable option for farmers in hot and humid environments. This variety is also resistant to worms and other pests. Given The Wife’s resilience to pests and diseases, growers of this variety rarely need pesticides and chemical additives.

The Wife is a medium-feeder, and does not require a specialized nutrient regimen. Like most hemp strains, this variety thrives on a diet rich in nitrogen during the vegetative growth period, and requires more phosphorous and potassium during the flowering period. Growers can prevent nutrient deficiencies by providing the plants with high-quality organic soil that is rich in micro and macronutrients.

Buy The Wife Hemp Seeds

Fortuna Hemp’s The Wife is a powerful and aromatic hemp variety rich in CBD and other desirable cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This Sativa-dominant hybrid averages less than 0.3 percent THC, making it compliant with U.S. hemp regulations. With a CBD concentration of between 8 percent and 18 percent, this variety is a great choice for medical and recreational users seeking a strain that delivers calming, uplifting, and clearheaded effects.

Farmers of all skill levels will appreciate The Wife’s resilience to pests, diseases, and environmental stresses. They will also benefit from its generous yield and fast flowering time. The Wife produces a variety of top-tier phenotypes that are sure to please growers and users alike.

Contact Fortuna Hemp to learn more about The Wife and our other premium feminized hemp strains.

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4 reviews for The Wife

  1. David (verified owner)

    I have had a 0% successful germination on the first 3 seeds I have used. One shot out a tiny tail; but never progressed beyond that. The other 2 did not germinate at all. I have been growing for years using the standard “soak first and then use a wet paper towel in a bag” technique. I have not had this low of a germination rate with any other seeds. Are these old?

  2. samuel tung (verified owner)

    Terrible Germination Rate…….5/50 seeds germinated……2 survived…

  3. Mary Isom (verified owner)

    I paid and still have not received my receipt.

    • jeanne

      Hi Mary. Your order shipped today. You will get an email with your tracking information. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Chris

    Worst product ever. Paid for all these seeds and nothing grew. what a waste

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