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Merlot hemp flower is a beautiful, indica-dominant strain with moderately high CBD levels averaging at about 11 percent. Known for its smooth smoke and distinct fruity, alcohol flavor, Merlot is a popular choice among consumers who want a relaxing nightcap without any calories.

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Merlot Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds Growing Merlot Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds Growing

Merlot hemp flower is a beautiful, indica-dominant strain with moderately high CBD levels averaging at about 11 percent. Known for its smooth smoke and distinct fruity, alcohol flavor, Merlot is a popular choice among consumers who want a relaxing nightcap without any calories. Additionally, it grows easily and flowers quickly, making it a favorite among hemp farmers, as well.

Cherry Wine x Berry Blossom

Merlot is a cross between CBD hemp strains Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom. Both parents are notorious for their distinct berry flavors and mild yet noticeable effects. The prominent cherry flavor comes from its Cherry Wine parent. Its powerful aroma of fruit and earth is undoubtedly the result of its thick, resinous coating. The syrupy trichomes create a thick coat of crystals atop its dense, bright green buds. With a careful trim and cure, Cherry Wine hemp flowers will display well in any top-shelf boutique.

Cherry Wine grows well in organic, slightly alkaline soil. There is no need for pesticides or chemical additives when growing Cherry Wine hemp, though an extra dose of magnesium is beneficial. With proper care, Cherry Wine should produce hemp plants with THC levels averaging about 15 percent dry weight. As such, this terpene-rich fan-favorite is a reliable option for hemp farmers everywhere.

Berry Blossom compounds Cherry Wine’s sweet, fruity flavor thanks to parents Chardonnay and Cherry Kandahar S1. Though one might expect another prominently cherry-flavored experience from Berry Blossom, it actually features a flavor more reminiscent to acai berries than it does cherries. Adding to its subtle flavors of gasoline and alcohol, Berry Blossom is a lively hybrid that may weigh heavily on the eyes of some users.

As a predominantly indica strain, Berry Blossom develops thick, dense buds on the medium- to tall-sized plants. As the cultivar begins to flower, it will create a kaleidoscope of colors ranging from bright pink to deep green. Its potent perfume will develop quickly, as well, emitting an aroma many liken to candied raspberries. Following careful cure, Berry Blossom will undoubtedly catch the eye of many hemp biomass buyers and will demand top-dollar for the final product.

Grow Merlot Hemp

Merlot is a relatively small indica hemp variety that rarely grows more than three feet tall. It flowers indoors in about eight to ten weeks. Outdoor hemp farmers should expect to harvest Merlot in mid to late October. Each plant should produce just shy of one pound per plant with an average of 3,250 plants per acre.

Merlot is smaller than many other CBD hemp varieties on the market. However, its short, stocky stature makes it more durable, thus improving its ability to withstand strong winds and the occasional drastic temperature change.

Please note, extreme environmental conditions like consistent rainfall or strong winds can cause Merlot plants to stress. Stressed hemp plants may produce seeds or spike THC development in response. Those who plan on growing Merlot hemp plants in harsh environments may see better results by growing indoors or in a protected greenhouse system.

Buy Feminized Merlot Hemp Seeds

Merlot hemp seeds make an excellent addition to American hemp farms. Though somewhat small compared to other CBD hemp plants, farmers can grow more Merlot plants per acre, as well. Thus, its size does not affect its final biomass output and ultimate earning potential and instead complements a company’s hemp selection nicely.

Contact us to learn more about Merlot or any of our other feminized hemp seeds. We look forward to helping you.

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12 reviews for Merlot

  1. Todd J

    Bought 1000 seeds. This isn’t my first purchase from Fortuna so I am confident these seeds will be just as good as the SR1’s I bought. Thank you Fortuna for the great genetics and competitive pricing. Their gaurantee is better than any other hemp seed bank’s. -Todd

  2. Lawrence Farms

    Purchased 10k feminized hemp seeds and had 99.8% germination rate. All of these seeds grew into healthy beautiful ladies. We highly recommend Fortuna Hemp. They are the first hemp seed bank we can actually stand behind and trust. They have all our state’s licensing information posted and updated so that we can get whatever new forms and information we might need to continue on with our hemp flower venture. Fortuna is the #1 supplier of high quality hemp genetics in the nation. Their website kicks ass and us easy to navigate and fund everything we need. Haven’t come across a website this nice in either the hemp or cannabis online industries. Customer service is on point and the owner was very eager to help me out by answering any questions I had.

  3. Gail Camp (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    We have not grown this strain yet.

  4. Christopher Hayes (verified owner)

    usVermont, United States

    Beautiful girl

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usMaryland, United States

    Propagation was 30%+

  6. Stephanie R. (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Easy to grow, nice full plants.

  7. Robin Cempe (verified owner)

    usVirginia, United States

    Good germination and growth so far.

  8. David R. (verified owner)

    usMinnesota, United States

    Very nice grower, fantastic skunky aroma in the field with hints of pine on the stalks and stems. Plant stays short, best for dense grows where height may be an issue. Perfect for 5gal bucket grows.

  9. Steven L. (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    Good germination. Waiting for flower now.

  10. Mistie Gotch

    Plants are looking gorgeous so far, almost ready to harvest! We sampled some and smoked it and it was super tasty and relaxing. As you can see though, our plants easily topped 7ft tall. Haven’t gotten the buds tested yet but will update again after. Will definitely grow Fortuna Merlot again!

  11. Samantha Gerke (verified owner)

    I bought these seeds to farm hemp in SC. Mid-way through the growing process, I tested the product independently with the lab, and the results came back with illegal THC content for the state. Had to report and destroy the crop since contents will continue to rise.

  12. Dale Keith (verified owner)

    Good growth but not as robust as others.

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