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CBF1 is a top-tier feminized smokable hemp strain that forms dense, flavorful, trichome-encrusted buds that will please any hemp user. This variety consistently produces a hefty yield of flowers that are rich in CBD and low in THC. Its low THC content and AOSCA certification make CBF1 a great choice for commercial hemp farmers seeking a federally compliant strain.

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CBF1 is a top-tier feminized smokable hemp strain that forms dense, flavorful, trichome-encrusted buds that will please any hemp user. This variety consistently produces a hefty yield of flowers that are rich in CBD and low in THC. Its low THC content and AOSCA certification make CBF1 a great choice for commercial hemp farmers seeking a federally compliant strain.

CBF1 produces large, emerald-green buds that are loaded with CBD (more than 10 percent), while remaining low in THC (less than 0.3 percent). As a result, this strain delivers a soothing, nonintoxicating effect that calms the mind and relaxes the body. This hardy and easy-to-grow strain offers vigorous growth, a fast flowering time, and resistance to common hemp diseases. CBF1 is sure to satisfy farmers and users alike.

CBF1 Origin

CBF1 was originally bred by Mile High CBD in the United States. Mile High CBD is a Colorado-based collective of hemp breeders that has created several potent and aromatic smokable hemp varieties. To create CBF1, the breeders used proprietary genetics to select and breed plants that are high in CBD and low in THC. The resulting offspring—CBF1—is a hardy and genetically stable strain that produces a large yield of CBD-rich hemp buds.

CBF1 Feminized Hemp Seeds

CBF1’s lineage is a mystery. Given its highly desirable traits, the breeders have chosen to keep the strain’s parentage a secret. This strain likely descends from the industrial hemp varieties that first came to the United States in the early 1600s. These strains were initially bred for fiber and seed production but, in recent years, many farmers have selectively bred them to produce large, frosty, smokable hemp flowers that are high in CBD.

Qualities of CBF1


CBF1 is packed with mouthwatering terpenes and delivers a pleasant aroma that is complex and pungent. The buds emit an earthy fragrance of wildflowers and soil. When breaking apart the dried flowers, subtle hints of fruit are released. CBF1’s earthy and floral scent is one of this strain’s most prized traits.


CBF1 offers a rich, savory flavor that keeps users coming back for more. The smoke is smooth and expansive, coating the palate with earthy and floral notes, with hints of sweetness. CBF1’s robust flavor makes this strain a perfect addition to a joint or pipe, or mixed with an herbal smoking blend.


CBF1 is a powerful hybrid hemp strain capable of producing more than 10 percent CBD and less than 0.3 percent THC. Given its high CBD and low THC content, CBF1 delivers a calming effect, which may ease pain, reduce muscle tension, and relax the mind. Users report that this cultivar leaves them feeling relaxed while remaining alert and functional.


CBF1 is medium to tall in height and can reach as high as six to seven feet tall depending on the latitude of the growing area. This variety produces long, thick branches with moderate internodal spacing and extensive lateral branching. CBF1 forms large, towering colas that comprise tightly packed clusters of buds. The leaves sport medium to broad leaflets and tend to remain green throughout the flowering cycle. CBF1’s lime-green flowers are exceptionally dense and covered in a heavy layer of milky trichomes.

Potential Medical Applications of CBF1

Given its high CBD and low THC content, CBF1 is an excellent choice for medical cannabis users who wish to remain clearheaded and functional while enjoying hemp’s calming and numbing effects. Some studies have suggested that CBD may possess neuroprotective, analgesic, anti-seizure, and anti-tumor properties. Although more research is needed to understand the full therapeutic potential of CBD, many users have reported positive results when consuming this cannabinoid.

Growing CBF1

CBF1 seeds are highly viable, with a germination rate of 97 percent. This cultivar is vigorous and resilient, and most growers find it easy to cultivate. CBF1 grows quickly during the vegetative growth period and matures swiftly during the flowering phase. CBF1 typically completes the flowering cycle within eight weeks, making it an excellent choice for climates with a short growing season. This strain is fairly resistant to most pests and diseases and can withstand many environmental stressors such as minor fluctuations in temperature and humidity. As such, CBF1 can flourish in a variety of climates and growing media.

Indoor Growing

Given its tall stature, CBF1 is best suited to outdoor cultivation; however, with proper plant training, this variety can be grown indoors successfully. By using high- and low-stress training methods such as topping or super cropping, growers can limit the vertical growth of the plants and increase their lateral branching and yield.


CBF1 is an adaptable strain that can be cultivated in a variety of growing media. This cultivar tends to perform best when grown in premium organic soil that contains an abundant supply of micro and macronutrients. During the vegetative growth cycle, CBF1 thrives when provided with a rich supply of nitrogen to support the development of leaves and stems. During the flowering stage, this strain shifts its nutrients demands to require additional phosphorous and potassium. Providing the right nutrients at the right time will help to prevent nutrient deficiencies and diseases.

Pest & Disease Control

CBF1 is a resilient strain that is resistant to many pests and diseases. This variety shows an average tolerance to powdery mildew and moderate resistance to botrytis. Given its resistance to botrytis, CBF1 may be suitable for warm and moderately humid climates. Growers can prevent botrytis and powdery mildew outbreaks by providing plenty of space between each plant, growing them in areas with direct sunlight, and watering the soil rather than the leaves.

Buy CBF1 Hemp Seeds

CBF1 has all the qualities of a top-tier smokable hemp cultivar. This variety pleases farmers with its large yield, quick flowering time, and hardy and resilient growth. Hemp smokers cherish its rich, earthy-and-floral flavor and high CBD content. CBF1 is AOSCA certified and fully compliant with federal THC regulations, making it a perfect choice for commercial hemp farmers looking for a premium hemp variety.

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