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Cherry Trump is a sweet addition to the Fortuna collection. She produces bold, flavorful buds that reak of skunk and cherry, and drip with potent trichomes. Known to produce flowers with more than 20 percent CBD content, this high CBD hemp strain is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

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T1 x Cherry Wine

Cherry Trump is a sweet addition to the Fortuna collection. She produces bold, flavorful buds that reak of skunk and cherry, and drip with potent trichomes. Known to produce flowers with more than 20 percent CBD content, this high CBD hemp strain is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

Cherry Trump Genetics

Cherry Trump comes from stable CBD parents to produce a predictable, potent plant. A direct descendent of Trump 1 (or T1 for short), Cherry Trump’s skunky yet satisfying aroma is hard to ignore. It’s T1 genetics prominently boast flavors most standard of its Afghan Skunk lineage while its Wife heritage contributes considerably to its incredible CBD potency.

T1 Trump

T1 is known to grow rather quickly, reaching maturity in about 75 days total. Buds are thick and dense, with a wisping of fiery orange pistils that some say resemble President Trump’s famous hairdo. Though more prone to stress-induced THC spikes, T1 grown in a stable environment should produce steady results.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Trump’s other parent, Cherry Wine, is equally impressive. She is, indeed, one of the most flavorful, high CBD hemp strains available today. Cherry Wine comes from famous parents Charlotte’s Web and The Wife, both of which are notorious for their high CBD-yielding capabilities. These pronounced genetics make Cherry Wine – and thus, her offspring – some of the best CBD hemp strains you can buy. And get this: some tests clock Cherry Wine’s CBD content at 25 percent!

In addition to high CBD levels, Cherry Wine delivers the very distinguishable flavor of sweet cherries to the mix. Her flowers emit a powerful floral, piny perfume that transforms into earth and pepper as it burns. Though a great strain for casual consumption, her extreme cannabinoid content, coupled with an array of beneficial terpenes, makes her especially appealing to the medical community. Many recommend Cherry Wine for pain and inflammation reduction and the promotion of a good night’s sleep.

Best Feminized Hemp Seeds

Cherry Trump grows well in a variety of environments, including both indoor and outdoor grows at many different altitudes. Regardless of location, she produces cannabinoid levels averaging about 20:1 CBD: THC. Under extreme conditions, Cherry Trump may produce higher THC levels as part of its natural defense mechanism. When growing Cherry Trump outdoors, plan for variable conditions and protect plants accordingly.

These high CBD hemp seeds grow best when spaced at least four feet from neighboring plants. Female Cherry Trump seeds reach a height of about four feet and full maturity at around eight weeks into flower (or 75-80 days into the whole hemp growing cycle). Expect about 2000 pounds per acre from feminized Cherry Trump hemp seeds.

High CBD Hemp Strain

CBD itself has amazing therapeutic potential. Research shows CBD may reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety (among other things!), and may help mitigate seizures better than many other prescription drugs, as well. Not only that, but CBD is non-psychoactive, which means consumers will not feel “high” or experience other narcotic effects. This characteristic of CBD is especially beneficial to those who may be sensitive to the effects of other cannabinoids (like THC) such as children and the elderly.

Cherry Trump produces copious amounts of CBD – higher than many other strains on the market, in fact. Additionally, as a Type III hemp variety, it produces minimal THC making it a compliant crop throughout the nation. As such, Cherry Trump is great for those seeking any of CBD’s long list of potential benefits as well as those who wish to produce and distribute it across the United States.

Buy Cherry Trump CBD Seeds

Cherry Trump is an amazing specimen of a strain. She practically drips with CBD-rich resin thanks to her strong – and famous – lineage. Hailing from genetics like Charlotte’s Web, The Wife, and Afghan Skunk, Cherry Trump is a sweet and skunky way to calm even the most uncomfortable bodies and improve one’s outlook on life. When searching for the best high CBD hemp strains, Cherry Trump definitely trumps the rest.

Ready to try this amazing strain? Contact us to learn more about Cherry Trump or any of our other feminized hemp seeds.

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12 reviews for Cherry Trump

  1. Greg B.

    Best feminized hemp seeds I have purchased online. I have never been a fan of ordering hemp or cannabis seeds online, but after my order with Fortuna, I will never worry again. They are discreet and their seeds are the best. I had 100% germination rates on over 2k seeds. No dead or straggler seeds. All germinated and from the tests I received back from Delta Leaf Labs, they are all females. Saving me tons of time and money wasted on extra labor for everything male-plant related. I can use my full 10 acres without having to stress about space and empty spots. Thank you Fortuna. Killer website and great female hemp seeds.

    • Fortuna Hemp

      Thank you the kind words Greg!

  2. Loreen Wolf

    Just ordered these. I have ordered all your feminized hemp strains now. Can’t figure out which one I like best. I love them all. Keep bringing the heat. ????

  3. Fred K.

    100% germ rate. top quality. no complaints

  4. clyde childs (verified owner)

    usVirginia, United States

    Excellent !

  5. Fabian Araos

    I want info about new products

    • Fortuna Hemp

      Hi! All of our products (new and otherwise) are all under your state’s page and under the Feminized Seeds link in the menu. If you have any further questions, please use the Q&A section on the product page, or contact us using the Contact Us page. Thank you.


    We were new to CBD farming and my son got licensed to grow in Virginia. We ordered Cherry Trump and we had a 100% germination rate. We planted 548 total plants and only lost two plants. We had plants up to 8ft tall with the average being 4ft. We lab tested during the flower cycle and all tests were in compliance with laws. We grew for selling flower with all being hand trimmed. Very good product and we will be ordering again very soon for next year’s crop. I rate Cherry Trump at a 10 on the scale of 1 to 10. Very prompt from your company in placing our order and receiving our product.

  7. Tyler (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Seeds are all high quality and came with the correct amount. Packaging was professional and eye catching and provided lots of information.

  8. Ron K. (verified owner)

    usOklahoma, United States

    Tried germinating about 12 got a few duds. Ones growing so far look healthy. Would give better rating if not for duds Looking forward to seeing and smelling buds

  9. William Higgins (verified owner)

    half of the seeds didn’t survive. Partially due to me not knowing what the hell i was doing, I’m sure.

  10. John Thomson (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Only 4 out of 25 seeds grew so not to happy about that

  11. William Higgins (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    They’re not performing as well as I expected in my climate, and kind of inconsistent… some plants look beautiful, while others are struggling. Not saying that it’s the plant’s fault, probably something I’m not doing right.

  12. Robert K. (verified owner)

    usNew York, United States

    Excellent so far

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