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What are some of the best hemp strains to grow in humid climates?

If you’re considering planting hemp and live in a humid climate, it’s essential that you choose the right cultivar. Although hemp is a highly resilient plant, some strains are more suited to particular environments than others. To achieve maximum yield while preventing issues such as botrytis, you must grow a strain bred to flourish in damp, humid areas. To help you pick the perfect cultivar, we will review four of the best hemp strains for humid climates.

Challenges of Growing Hemp in a Humid Climate

Hemp is a hardy and adaptable plant, but there are limits to what it can endure. Prolonged periods of high humidity can wreak havoc in the garden, leaving plants open to mold, mildew, and pests. And if your vapor pressure deficit (VPD) falls out of the ideal range, transpiration will slow, and the plants will become stunted or die.

Unfortunately, outdoor hemp farmers have little control over the environment. So, rather than trying to outsmart mother nature, the best way to mitigate these issues is to select a strain adapted to grow in humid areas.

What Type of Hemp Strains Are Best for Humid Climates?

Most strains of hemp can handle high humidity levels during the seedling and vegetative growth stages; however, once the plants begin the flowering phase, problems can occur. Indica-dominant cultivars that produce extremely dense flowers are likely to develop fungal infections such as bud rot if kept in a damp area for extended periods. That’s because these strains have been bred to thrive in the dry deserts and mountains of the Middle East.

In contrast, tropical Sativa strains tend to have a very open, fluffy bud structure. As a result, they are able to flourish in humid climates without retaining too much moisture. This means that Sativa strains are much less likely to develop bud rot than their Indica counterparts. So, if you’re growing hemp in a warm and moist region, selecting a Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrid will be your best bet.

The 4 Best Hemp Strains for Humid Climates

1. Titan Hemp Strain

Titan hemp strain

Titan is a hemp strain with a proud lineage, produced by crossing two different phenotypes of Spectrum hemp, resulting in a resilient plant that thrives in most conditions. If you are focused on extraction, then you’ll be happy with Titan’s exceptional biomass yield.

Titan Lineage

Titan originates from two Spectrum hemp plants known for their superior vigor and biomass yield. This strain is rich in CBD and produces a luscious terpene profile of pine, soil, and citrus.

Titan’s Inherited Traits

The dominant trait that Spectrum passes onto Titan is its incredible resilience, especially in humid climates. This strain is resistant to most pests and diseases and can quickly recover from environmental stressors. Its ability to thrive in suboptimal conditions is why Titan makes it onto our list of the best hemp strains for humid climates.

Cultivating Titan

Titan enjoys vigorous growth in the vegetative period and will complete its flowering cycle in approximately eight weeks. The vigor of Titan means that it can withstand late-season planting and gives you better flexibility to remain compliant with federal THC regulations.

Benefits and Characteristics of Titan

With effects such as relaxation without sedation, Titan makes an ideal strain for daytime users that wish to remain productive with a clear head.

2. Grizzly Hemp Strain

Grizzly is an aromatic and potent feminized hemp strain that produces high-quality hemp flowers. This cultivar is a Sativa-dominant hybrid produced by crossing Nightingale and Super CBD.

Grizzly Lineage

The lineage of Super CBD is a mystery, with origins based in Israel from strains originally coming from Central and South America and Southeast Asia. However, the pedigree of Nightingale is very well known. The Nightingale strain is a cross between Oldberry and Candida. Due to Nightingale having a high-THC and low-THC parent, cannabinoid content can vary between 1 to 10 percent THC and 10 to 20 percent CBD.

Cultivating Grizzly

Growers appreciate Grizzly because of its uniform structure and vigorous growth. Regardless of phenotype, farmers typically enjoy a high yield of premium hemp buds. In addition, Grizzly’s robust and hardy growth makes it ideal for harsh climates, including humid climates. Because of its height, sometimes reaching up to 12 feet, Grizzly is best suited to outdoor grow operations. Grizzly has a dependable 97 percent germination rate and a feminization rate of 99.9 percent.

Benefits and Characteristics of Grizzly

Because of its mild aroma and rich flavor, Grizzly is an ideal strain for producing edibles and smokable hemp flowers. The effects from Grizzly have been described as relaxing yet nonintoxicating, leaving users feeling lucid and clear-headed.

3. Trinity Hemp Strain

Trinity Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds

Considered to be a true “workhorse” strain, Trinity is prized for its heavy yield of smokable hemp flower. Trinity is a Sativa-dominant cross between Grizzly and Super CBD and thrives in harsh environmental conditions while being extremely pest-resistant. Because of its high biomass yield, Trinity is an excellent choice for smokable flower and is considered one of the best hemp strains for humid climates.

Trinity Lineage

Trinity was originally created by True South Seeds based in Tennessee. This cultivar is a cross between two popular hemp strains—Grizzly and Super CBD. It combines the best traits of each parental line to create a potent and reliable hybrid.

Trinity Characteristics and Qualities

This strain regularly produces an average of 7 percent CBD and less than 0.2 percent THC, making it ideal for creating a variety of CBD products. Given its quick flowering time and large yield, this strain is sure to please commercial hemp farmers. Thanks to its high CBD-to-THC ratio, Trinity produces a clearheaded effect that’s soothing and uplifting.

Cultivating Trinity

Due to its elongated bud structure and internodal spacing, Trinity is ideal for hot and humid growing conditions. Typically, Trinity starts its flowering cycle when exposed to less than 13 hours and 47 minutes of daylight and usually flowers within 8-9 weeks.

4. Abacus Hemp Strain

Abacus is well known for its reliability, consistently producing a premium yield of top-shelf buds. In addition, Abacus is a fully compliant hemp strain, which makes it perfect for licensed U.S. hemp farmers who are looking to produce high-quality hemp flower.

Abacus Lineage

Abacus was originally created in Humboldt County in the early 2000s and is a polyhybrid of Purple Urkle, OG Kush, and industrial hemp. After several generations of selective breeding, Abacus has been stabilized for low THC and high CBD content.

Abacus Characteristics and Qualities

The delightful terpene profile of Abacus is one of its most cherished qualities. It brings together the sweetness of Purple Urkle and the earthiness of OG Kush to create a complex, mouthwatering flavor. In addition, it averages approximately 5 percent CBD and less than 0.3 percent THC, making it an ideal choice for hemp farmers and giving it a clearheaded and calming effect.

Cultivating Abacus

Because of the excessive work that has gone into breeding Abacus, growers can routinely expect high yields and uniform phenotypes. Abacus thrives in almost any climate, including hot and humid areas. Thanks to its fast-flowering lineage, Abacus matures in just six to eight weeks.

The Best Hemp Strains for Humid Climates: Conclusion

Choosing the right strain is a must if you’re planning on growing hemp in a hot and humid climate. With their open bud structure and resilient growth, any of the cultivars listed in this article will be able to produce high yields of potent buds while avoiding most issues associated with high humidity levels.

If you would like to learn more about how you can purchase any of our feminized hemp seeds, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

What are your favorite hemp strains for humid growing conditions? Drop a comment below!

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